Chapter 30

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Chapter 30

I bit my lip and gazed back at him, trying to pry my eyes away from his trance that he always held on me.

"I-I ... I gotta g-go." I mumbled backing away slowly. "Sorry about your friend. I really am," I added quickly as I readjusted my bag and continued to back away.

"Wait," he whispered, carefully stepping towards me. My legs seemed to have a mind if their own because even though my heart was begging to stay, they began to walk away.

"Wait! Was it something I said?" He called after me, holding his hands out in the air with defeat.

"N-no. It wasn't," I shouted back, "Sorry. I have to go." and with that I shoved my way to the front of the school without looking back.

I didn't know why I did it, but my brain seemed to take over my emotions. Even though my heart was aching to stay and be with Mason, my instinct drove me away. With Oliver it was different... He made me nervous but he didn't make my heart skip a beat. As corny as it sounded, I was comfortable with him. He didn't make my insides explode, only sizzle.

Mason was different on so many levels, but I didn't want to feel anything for him. I was done with boys; high school finishes and people grow up and move on. Besides, Mason's a senior he will be gone this year and I'll be left with nothing but a memory. Why set myself up for something that's not meant to be.




"Lily!!" Jimmy shouted, breaking me away from my thoughts.

"Yeah?" I asked, snapping back to reality while taking in my surroundings. Jimmy and I were on our way walking home, guess I must have dozed off.

"I lost you there for a second," he chuckled while slipping his hands into his pockets. It wasn't too cold out, but the sun wasn't shining either. The sad thing is that summer isn't too far away.

"Sorry," I apologized while rubbing my temples. I was over-thinking way too many things ever since I'd gotten to New York. I had to let that bad habit go.

"That's OK. I'm just curious as to where you were?" he asked, offering me a friendly smile.

I chuckled, "I don't know...."

Jimmy nodded and glanced ahead on the sidewalk, for some reason it provoked me to ask a question I normally wouldn't dig in to.

"Jimmy... Do you believe in love?" I asked, feeling incredibly stupid and cheesy after hearing the words come out of my mouth. I hated soppy conversations about love, it made me want to roll my eyes and go with the Comedy movie.

But at the same time I really wanted to know if Jimmy loved Samantha, for some reason his input really mattered to me.

"Umm..." he began as his eyed trailed off towards the sky. I knew then that he was thinking about Samantha, and I started to feel bad again.

"N-Nevermind.. I'm sorry, you don't have to answer that..."

Jimmy chuckled and gave me a one-armed hugged. "No worries, I can be deep," he joked, slightly messing up my hair. "And yes. I believe in love." he added in with all seriousness.

I chuckled and nodded, accepting his answer. He still loves Samantha, I couldn't imagine what it would feel like losing some one you love. People say it's better to have loved and lost rather to never have loved at all. I can't help but disagree.

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