Chapter 10

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She slowly dragged me back towards the stairs and huffed out in my ear, "You have a lot of explaining to do missy."

I let out an aggravated sigh. This isn't going to be fun.

Chapter 10

Rosie and Jason were both sitting on my bed staring at me intensely, Oliver was simply twirling around on my computer desk bored.

"So he just showed up here without warning?!"

"He looks just like you!"

"Why do you think he came here early?"

"Did Caroline know he was coming?" Rosie and Jason fired at the same time, I was surprised Jason was acting so curious. It was a funny and strange sight looking at him sitting on my bed hugging a pillow and staring at me wide-eyed. He can be such a chick sometimes!

"I had no freaking idea that he was coming, honestly! No phone call, no letter, no nothing. But maybe Caroline knew because she didn't act so surpris-"

"What about me sweet pea?" Caroline asked, she was standing on the doorway crossing her arms and smilinge.

"Oh pardon my manners, hello Lily's friends!" she quickly added on flashing a perfect smile.

Rosie and Jason smiled and chirped, "Hello Caroline!" Oliver got up from the chair and Caroline offered him a hug.

"Thank you for taking care of Lily." she said to him, as if we all weren't there and couldn't hear her loud and clear.  

Oliver smiled and said, "Well she is a handful..." while giving me and mock unsure look.

I can't believe this! How can they act like everything's OK?! I'm LEAVING tomorrow and they are joking as if the man I hated the most wasn't dragging me thousands of miles away! Sometimes they act like they won't even miss me when I leave!

Without thinking I pushed passed the oh-so-happy Oliver and Caroline, then leaped down the steps furiously ripping the front door open and bolting towards the quads, still in Oliver's clothes.


As I arrived at the ranch it felt like de ja vu all over again, only this time I wasn't about to call Oliver. I parked the quad and stumbled off nearly falling face flat, but made by way inside.  Caroline must have fed the horses because fresh hay and oats were already in each of their stables.

I greeted the horses one by one then made my way to Bella's stable with an apple in hand.

As I turned to her stable, my heart dropped, my mind went whirling, and the only noise around was the thump of the apple hitting the ground and silently rolling away.

Bella was gone.

The stable door was still locked, no way she could have escaped on her own. Someone must have stole her!! Panic pumped through my veins as I imagined a burglar dragging her away as she fought back furiously, I winced at the thought.

Immediately I thrust open the stable door of the second fastest horse we had, a chocolate mustang named Clover. I threw on the reins and hopped on bareback, I usually don't like riding without a saddle but I didn't have time to care.

I attempted on jumping onto Clovers back but quickly realized he was larger then Bella, and I landed flat out on my back with an 'Umph" escaping my mouth.

I doubled over in pain but quickly pushed it aside and snatched a stool from by the door, I then used that to give me more height to hop on Clover. Immediately I kicked his belly and we took off in a fast paced gallop.

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