Chapter 8

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My hair was ruined, and my dress was soaked! The worst part is when I looked up to yell at whoever ran into me, no one was there!

But I did see something that truly pissed me off. A good ten feet away, the slutty blonde and her crew were high-giving each other and dancing away. But not without turning and giving me a nasty smirk.


Chapter 8

I am pissed. I am beyond pissed, if I were to look in the mirror right now there would probably be smoke coming out of my ears. What the hell is their problem?!

I smashed the plastic cups in the palm of my hands and tossed them aside on the grass. My attempt at stomping away was completely shattered when my heel dug into the grass and got stuck. Oh great!

I tried to take another step with my free leg. Bad move.

Both heels were immediately stuck in the dirt and I lost my balance, everything whirled by me as I went crashing down into the damp grass, landing with a thump. The grass wasn't soft at all, it was moist and lumpy. I am NEVER wearing heels to a party again.

Now my cheeks are burning and the rest of my body is either cold or sticky. I won't even bother to try and fix myself up, what's the point? My night is already ruined. My dress is ruined, and my hair probably looks like a lions mane right now. This is not a good time.

"Lily is that you?" I didn't reply, and I kept my eyes shut hoping the voice would disappear. I don't want to have to face anyone looking like this.

"Lily, what the heck happened to you?"

I tilted my head slightly up so I could see where the voice was coming from. It was Oliver.

He had his arms crossed and head was tilted to one side showing curiosity. A playful smirk appeared on his face, I rolled my eyes and placed my cheek back on the grass, tilting my head slightly so I wouldn't have to look at him. He would only make fun of me.

"Cmon Lily get up." he ordered, I can't see but I'm pretty sure he has his hand stuck out for me to help me up.

"No I'm perfectly fine, I'm comfortable. Just go back and enjoy the party." I answered, trying to place my hands under my head to make it seem like I was relaxing. I was very uncomfortable but I didn't show it, instead I shut my eyes and laid in a position, trying to make it seem like I was sleeping.

"Don't be so stubborn, it's freezing out here. Get up." he ordered. He's right, it is cold out and with my position the breeze isn't going anywhere nice. I was just about to help myself up until I remember what I must look like, filthy and covered in juice. No way I'm gonna let Oliver see me like this! He'd never let me live it down.

Oliver tapped his foot with impatience and I replied with silence. After a few uncomfortable moments he finally broke the silence.

"Cmon Lily, as much as I enjoy looking at this view, I'd still much rather talk to your face."

Those words sent adrenaline through me and I immediately push myself up and brushed myself off. Gross! So that's what he was looking at? Sicko.

Oliver just laughed. "I knew that would get you up. Don't worry, I tried my best not to stare."

Tried? I immediately felt my face redden. He looked me over and his eyes widened, "What in the world happened to you Lily?!" he exclaimed.

Without answering I left my heels stuck in the grass and I half walked/half ran into the house barefoot. I faintly heard Oliver call after me but I ignored him and continued to quickly make my way through the house.

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