Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

"I think I better go check on him.." I murmured as I slowly slid out of the booth. Rosie gave me a reassuring smile and nod, then I left. I tried to take my time to think of something to say, but by the time I reached the door I had nothing so I just took a deep breath and pushed.

The door didn't open so I pushed again...

Still not opening, what the heck!

"Honey it's pull not push," the elderly women behind the counter announced. I looked down and sure enough, it said 'PULL', I heard Rosie giggling in the booth. I just blushed and pulled open the door, suddenly welcome by a warm rush of heat.

I stepped out and sure enough there was Oliver sitting on the curb, watching some kids trying to balance on the curbs in the empty parking lot. Momentarily I was distracted by the image of Oliver sitting alone skipping rocks, it was a depressing picture.

Slowly I made my way over, sat down on the curb, and opened my mouth to speak but nothing came out. He surprised me by breaking the silence first.

"I'm sorry I was out of line to just walk out like that. I guess I was just hoping for you to let out a laugh and a 'Gotchya!' ...Anything just as long as you weren't serious about moving..."

I took a second to let what he said sink in before I spoke, "Well I can say for sure that I'm not kidding, but I just wish you wouldn't have left so suddenly. I mean you left before I could finish, what if I were to say I'm only moving two blocks over a-"

"Really! Wait... So you aren't leaving Utah?" he asked, hope written all over his face. God why did I have to say that?! I frowned, there you go Lily you screwed this up too!

I searched for the right words to say but once again nothing came to mind so I just blurted out, "Pleasedon'thateme!"

"What are you talking about Lily? I don't hate y-"

"Listen I didn't mean to get your hopes up but I'm going to be honest with you, I am leaving Utah and I AM going somewhere kind of far.."

"Far as in?..."

I bit my lip and continued, " far as in... the other side of the United States..." Oliver got up and left the curb, walked towards the middle off the street, then turned around.

"Are you sure? I mean you aren't the best in geography so maybe your mistakin-"

"YES I am pretty darn sure!" I snapped. Geez! You forget one state and suddenly your the worlds worst geographer!

Oliver chuckled and walked towards me, then took my hands in his. His emerald eyes pierced into my mine, and some of his wavy black hair momentarily fell over his eyes, but he maintained eye contact. My breath was taken away. "You know... Your real cute when your defensive," he mused. I felt myself blush so I quickly ducked my head and took my hands out of his.

I cleared my throat, "Ehem. Um I think we should head back inside and get Rosie..."

"Sure," he agreed and we continued to walk. Right when we got to the door he spoke again, "You know Lily, it's good to know that after all these years can still make you blush. It's cute." His sudden change of attitude surprised me and I looked up to meet his gaze, he simply smirked but kept his eyes sincere. I let out a sigh, wondering how things didn't work between us as a couple. Then I opened the door, and this time I remembered to 'PUSH'.

We sat back in the booth as Lily was furiously texting away on her phone, her eyes were bulging out. Oliver and I exchanged a confused look, I simply shrugged and slid into the booth. Just as I sat down my phone vibrated, I check the screen, it said '1 UNREAD MESSAGE'. I unlocked my phone and clicked view-

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