Chapter 6

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*Ok so this chapter is kind of short, it's just an itroductory chapter for the next few chapters which i promise will be eventful. :)

Chapter 6

About an hour later Rosie and I were almost ready to go, our hair, nails and makeup were all done we just needed to change then leave.


I am really not looking forward to this party, it's last thing I need. But since I don't want to face my father at home I have no choice...

If I can't even face him now then how am I suppose to live with him for a whole year?! I haven't even thought about what it would be like going to a new school... I've never lived in a busy city before. I've seen some movies about it but that was it.

"What are you thinking about?" Rosie questioned.

"Oh nothing... I don't feel like talking about it." I mumbled, then walked over to her bed and leaped onto it, smothering the pillow.

"Lily! Get off you'll mess up your hair and makeup!" Rosie shrieked. I simply sat up and stared at my reflection in her mirror.

My black hair was tightly curled and bouncy, and my makeup was done specifically to bring out my green eyes.

I was sort or stunned to see myself like this; pretty. I never take the time to doll myself up so it felt nice to do this with Rosie, even if I didn't like where we were going.

"Earth to Lily, hello??" Rosie was snapping her fingers in front if my face. "Which outfit do you want to wear?" She was holding up a strapless tight black dress in one hand, and a Jean skirt and fancy shirt in the other. I wrinkled my nose.

"Rosie those are way too fancy. And I'm not wearing a skirt." I complained.

"They are not fancy! Try on the black dress, it's actually the plainest dress I have in my closet!" she protested. I let out a groan which earned me a nasty glare. "Stop complaining and try this on." she ordered and shoved the black dress into my hands. I guess I have no other choice, my jeans were filthy with dirt and hay.

I went in the bathroom and quickly slipped on the dress, not bothering to look at myself in the mirror. I stepped out and slumped my shoulders, also making a pouty face. I did not like dressing this exposed.

Rosie took a look at me and gasped.

"Oh. My. God. Lily you-"

"I know I know I look bad, my thighs look fat, and this dress makes my look like I don't have a butt.." I mumbled. I hated this.

"No Lily, you look freaking gorgeous!! Take a look at yourself!" before I knew it I was being pushed in front of the mirror. I tried to look anywhere else but i finally realized I had no choice. I looked up and gave myself a look over, then shrugged.

"I guess I look okay. Not horrible at least." The dress hugged my curves perfectly, and would have been perfect if it were only a few inches longer. Rosie's jaw dropped, then she quickly shut it and shrieked.

"I do ALL this work to make you look like a freaking supermodel and all you have to tell me is that you look 'O.K.?!'" she was fuming and before I could apologize she snatched her clothes off her bed and stormed into the bathroom to change, slamming the door so hard that I thought the windows would shatter.

Did I really say something that harsh? Rosie is obviously pissed off but I just gave her my opinion..

Before I could take another look at myself in the mirror the door opened, Oliver and Jason bounced in but stopped dead in their tracks when they saw me.

"Woaah, who are you?" Oliver asked while inspecting me. I rolled my eyes and lightly smacked him on the side of his head.

"It's me doofus. Close your mouth before you drool all over the carpet."


"Duhh!" I responded, I really didn't look that different these people are just over exaggerating everything!

Jason came towards me and poked my face. "Wow you look different. Like as in hot!"

His hair was darker than Rosie's so it was slightly brown, his eyes were hazel and all in all he was probably 6 feet tall.

"So your saying I looked ugly before?" I tested.

Jason laughed, "No all I'm saying is if you were 18, I'd so date you.."

I glanced over at a very uncomfortable looking Oliver, I felt bad so I tried to change the subject.

"So Jason are you coming to the party?"

"Only if you want me to," he mused and wiggle his eyebrows.

I scoffed, "You wish!" before he could protest Rosie came out of the bathroom wearing a Jean skirt and black flowy shirt. She had on a bunch of sparkling necklaces that were black also and some jewelry on her hands and ears, her hair was straightened and hung loose. She looked gorgeous!

"Hey sis you did a great job with Lily, you guys should go out to parties more often!" Jason offered with a huge grin on his face as he slid his arm over me.

Rosie just looked at the floor and began to speak, "We won't be able to anymore... Lily's moving. And to nowhere near Utah."

"Your what? Moving?... To where?" Jason asked.

I avoided his gaze and replied, "Brooklyn... New York." This time as I looked up at Jason, he avoided my gaze and took his arm back.

This is extremely frustrating... I hate making everyone mad! This is making me hate my father and New York even more!!

Jason interrupted my thoughts by embracing me in a hug.

He whispered in my ear, "Don't worry... We will make this long distance relationship work.."

I pulled away from the hug and smacked his chest. "You wish!" I mocked and went towards the door. Before I could leave he grabbed my wrist and turned me around.

"Does this mean we are over?" he pouted. I rolled my eyes but went along with his joke.

I leaned into him very slowly until my lips barely brushed his neck and whispered "Yes Jason we are over. I'm sorry but I just don't date older men." I gave him a mock pouting face then snatched my wrist away from his grasp and walked away.

I couldn't see his face, but pretty I'm sure his jaw was dropped to the ground.

"I'm not that old!!" he shouted behind me as I made my way down the steps, grinning all to myself.


A while later we were at a cafe grabbing dinner before the party. Jason decided to come along, and Oliver's remained quite. Things have gotten really silent between them since we were hanging out in Rosie's bedroom.

Everyone continued to eat in silence, random tension filled the gaps between us. Finally Oliver spoke up, surprisingly.

"Derek sent me a text he's waiting for us at the party. We should probably head over since everyone is waiting for Lily." he finished.

I started to feel butterflies in my stomach, I did NOT want to be the center of attention. Especially in front of all those drunk people.

Before I could stall for more time, everyone gathered there things and got up. I let out a sigh before gathering my things and heading towards the door, surprisingly someone opened the door for me.

I looked up and my eyes widened in horror.

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