Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

"Lily... Wake up"

"Cmon Lily.. Wake up.."


I turned over and smushed my face into my pillow in reply.

"Fine then, you asked for it!"

Oh no, not again!

I leaped off my bed grabbing onto my blanket in defense, my movement was too sudden for my own good because I went toppling off my bed tangled with pillows and intertwined with sheets. I looked up and to my dismay, Jason, Oliver and Rosie stood grinning and recording me with a camera. Oh god how I hate technology.

"One, that camera is going to be stomped on shortly. Two, why are you guys always here?! Three, uhh... answer number two.." I huffed out as I slowly started to untangle myself from the sheets.

"You really think we are going to leave your side in your last day here? No way!" Rosie commented.

"Yeah, we are gonna stick to you like glue!" Jason added on. I looked up for Oliver's reply, but found out he wasn't standing with them...

Instead I heard a squeaking noise... Then a brushing noise, after that came a crashing noise and an, "Aaahhh! Stupid chair!"

I turned to my left to find Oliver on the floor with my rolling computer chair on top of him. Frustrated, he pushed the chair off then got up and smiled at me. I rolled my eyes but smiled, what a dork!

"Oliver since you love rolling around in that chair so much, you can have it once I'm gone." I giggled. He broke out into a wider grin, if that was even possible.

"OK enough of Oliver's stupidity, change your clothes and meet us downstairs so we can cherish these last moments!" Rosie nagged, while tossing some clothes on me and waltzing out the door. Jason and Oliver stood standing. Creeps.

"Ehem.." I cleared my throat.

"GET DOWN HERE!" Rosie shouted up at Oliver and Jason from downstairs. They immediately ran out scared and didn't shut the door behind them. Hm I wonder why... Maybe cause they broke it down last night! I laughed on my way to the bathroom, my friends can be such a handful but that's exactly why I'm really going to miss them...

I fought back the tears and depressing thoughts, it was only for a little less than two years... That's not that bad compared to a lifetime. Somehow that didn't sound so appealing but I know I need to be strong about this move.


"Where are we going?" I huffed out frustrated. I was blindfolded sitting in the backseat with Rosie. All I knew was that Rosie made me wear shorts and a comfy t shirt with a bathing suit under, so it must involve water and some sort of activity.

"Wee areen't telllingg yooouu." Rosie sang. I let out a sigh of frustration, we've been driving for what seemed like HOURS. I'm not a very patient person either. The radio silently played it even seemed that the song was going on forever.


A while later, "Are we there yet?" I asked.

"No." Jason replied.


A while after a a while later, "Now are we there?"

I heard a sigh then a "No."


What seemed like FOREVER after a while later, "NOW are we there?"

"NO!" they shouted at me at once. I sighed then scratched my head considering taking the blindfold off. Just as I was about to rip it off I felt my seat belt come off.

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