Chapter 23

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He pulled away and I was still in shock. "You were testing me?" I questioned. He smiled and his eyes glistened. I let out a frustrated smile and pried my eyes away just as my gaze went to blonde hair cursing and speeding this way.

I saw more flashes of blonde hair and a bulky figure rushing towards Mason.

Fighting to gain my voice back I managed to shriek, "Jimmy!! NO!!!"

Chapter 23

"JIMMY! DON'T!" I shrieked prying away from Mason's arms but before I could stop it Jimmy pulled Mason from his back and slammed him to the ground.

"Leave. Now." Jimmy demanded, lifting his fist to punch Mason. Ignoring his order I sprinted to him and held his arm back, which was way bigger than I thought it would be.

"Stop! Why are you doing this?!" I yelped, trying to pull him off. Mason didn't seemed phased at all.

"He's a little bitch. Someone has to teach him to leave you alone." Jimmy spat. I froze at his harsh words. Jimmy wasn't the cursing type.

Mason met my eyes, then turned back to Jimmy.

"Hit me in front of the girl. Real classy." Mason tested, he was slightly smirking. Jimmy held onto his collar tighter and held a clenched fist his other hand that was pulled back, I too scared to call for help. I didn't want Jimmy to get in trouble, but this had to stop.

"Jimmy. Please, STOP. Let go of him, he wasn't doing anything wrong!" I protested, holding his arm back with all my strength.

Jimmy was tense with fury, but it seemed like he was considering my plead.

"Yeah Jimmy. Don't be cheap, you know I won't hurt you in front of her." Mason asserted, avoiding my gaze.

What was that suppose to mean? Jimmy had him pinned, no way he could get out of it.

I felt Jimmy's arm relax in my hands as he cursed some more.

"You don't understand Lily. He deserves it." Jimmy spat, sending shivers down my spine.

"Just let go." I pleaded

"Lily. Please.  Just leave." Jimmy stated, shrugging me off his hand and pulling himself and Mason up to their feet. I stumbled backwards losing my balance.

"No!" I stubbornly exclaimed as I stabled my legs and sprinted to Jimmy who's arm was in mid air ready to strike.

Mason didn't even try to block it. What wasn't he dodging it?!

"SSSTTTOOPPP!" I shrieked, stepping in front of Mason, I felt Mason grab my waist and whispered in me ear.

"Go Lily. I'll be fine."

Jimmy stared at me with his fist in mid air. I froze, too afraid to even breathe. My hard was pounding madly like a drum.

"I'm not leaving. Jimmy, stop!" For the first time Jimmy's eyes met mine. The sparks in his eyes died down a little, I thought I saw him relax too. His face twisted with guilt when he noticed my petrified expression. This situation felt way too familiar.

"Lily..." He whispered softly. "You just don't understand.." He mumbled, dropping his hand and letting go of Mason with the other. Mason tried to lightly push me aside but I remained in my defensive stance.

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