Chapter 24

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Chapter 24

"Now Lily before you jump to conclusions you should know that what happened wasn't your mother's or your father's fault." Martha added.

"Then who's fault was it?" I countered, still trembling. How could my own mother kick my dad out?? My whole past was a lie.

"Alice Green."

"Who?" Jimmy and I repeated at the same time.

"A girl that your father dated back in the day. The women was truly psychotic."

"W-what did she do?" I questioned.

"Well... She wanted-"

The door propped open once again, this time a man came out.

"Martha, I'm sorry to interrupt buy you need to come quick. We have a customer complaint and they demand to speak to you immediately."

"Oh dear." Martha mumbled, standing up and making her way into the Cafe, then turning around at the door. "Listen. Ask your father Lily, I'm sure he will tell you now."

I helplessly nodded as she shut the door and Jimmy and I stood there in silence, still lost about this Alice Green character.

We got up to leave and I didn't even want to look at Jimmy, he probably thought I was such a baby or something. I turned around and made my way out of the alley, he grabbed my wrist and turned me back around. I tried to look anywhere besides at him, but he took my head in his warm hands and brought my gaze over to his face.

"Are you OK?" He whispered.

"Y-yeah I'm fine." I murmured, backing away and leaving towards the alley opening.

He follow behind, leading me the way to my house. It was silent for a while and I wondered what he was thinking. 

"I'm sorry about back there." I mumbled, running my fingers around the rim of my drink.

"Don't worry about it."

I nodded and looked out into the busy streets, it was probably close to four o clock, still very early.

I decided I wanted a topic change, after the fight Jimmy almost started I've been dying to know what issues they have between them and why there were no longer friends. I was tired of dwelling over my messed up past.

"Hey Jimmy..."

"Mmm?" He hummed.

"Umm... I've just been wondering... How come you get so pissed with Mason? You said deserved to be punished... Is that true?"

He thought about this for a second before speaking, "Someday I will tell you the full story Lily. Not now though. And yes, he really does deserve to be punished."

I frowned, that answer didn't really help much. He noticed my reaction and smiled. I thought about all Jimmy has done for me since I've came... He was only protecting me. But did that mean he was right? Was Mason who he said he was, only disguised as a sweet guy to fool people? Did he deserve to be harmed? Was he fooling me?

"When will you tell me?" I asked, loaded with unanswered questions.

Jimmy shrugged and replied, "I don't know. When the time's right. But until then I don't want you hanging around with Mason. Understood?"

Who does he think he is, telling me what to do?

"No I don't understand." I replied stubbornly, crossing my arms over my chest and giving him a hard frown. We both stopped in our tracks and Jimmy sighed.

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