Chapter 1

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This is my first story soo, bear with me. It might start off slow but it gets good, I promise :)

Oh and I'm a really bad speller so I'll try to edit as much as I can. :)

Chapter 1

I took a deep breath while stroking my horse's beautiful black mane, and I mounted on her. Bella snorted in reply and I kicked her belly with my heel, signaling for her to take off. We rode out of the stable and into the meadow, passing by the other horses as they seemed to watch with a sense of respect. The sun was just rising and we arrived on the top of the hill. I hopped off Bella and undid her saddle, she let out a sigh of relief as I slowly walked around, her sweat glistening as a mark of accomplishment. I took out my peanut butter and jelly sandwich and sat on a stone next her, admiring the sunrise. Not a day goes by where I skip the sunrise with my beautiful horse, I wouldn't miss it for the world.

As I finished up my breakfast and Bella finished her apple, I redid her saddle and mounted back on. Now that I was on spring break I got to spend more time on the ranch with the horses, which made me especially happy. I quickly brushed Bella off and went around putting fresh oats for all the horses, then I hopped on our mini quad and rode about a half a mile to our house. I'm super thankful for our lifestyle we have here in Utah, my life hasn't always been easy but all of the hard work of my mother and I paid off into this beautiful place. I knew that as long as we didn't give up hope we'd build our ranch with a gorgeous home along side it, and I also knew she was looking down at me smiling.

As I arrive at the house I quickly parked the quad in the garage and pushed through the door and into my house, sliding off my shoes in the process. I dashed through the hall and slid into the kitchen in my socks, laughing at myself in the reflection shown on our screen door.

I continue to slide around our wide counter top pretending I'm an ice skater, my attempt at twirling and being graceful quickly turned into a disaster as I stepped on my own foot, causing me to slam again the tile. "Ouch..." I mumbled and I slowly got up and rubbed my burning cheek.

"Now cmon Lily, can't ya just go on one day without hurting yourself? It's bad enough that you wake us up really in the morning with all that racket, but I jus can't always rush you into the hospital in my pajamas because you decided to do stupid and reckless stuff in the mornings!" my Aunt Caroline huffed.

I laugh as she helped me up and sat me down on our couch. "Now what would ya like for breakfast sugar?" she asked. Caroline has always had a slight southern accent, but it went well with her blonde curly hair, aqua blue eyes, and petite form. She is also very young and is my mom's sister, but I love her like a second mother.

"How about some coffee to start with, with a side of waffles please," my Uncle Max instructed as he waltzed into the kitchen with a wide grin. He went over the my aunt and quickly pecked her on her cheek, a huge blush spread across her face. They've been married for 4 years and they still act like newly weds, I rolled my eyes but kept the smile on my face.

"Well actually your uncle and I have some news for ya, we don't really know how your gonna take this..." Caroline huffed and shot a look toward Max; he quickly shook his head no. Caroline rolled her eyes at my uncle and walked up to me sitting down beside me on the couch. I didn't like where this was going. "We have some news... There is gonna be some changes around here..." she started, avoiding my gaze.

"Hun I don't think now's the time. For heavens sake we haven't even ate yet!" he argued. I looked up at him then back to Caroline. What's going on here?

"Well I already ate ..." I mumbled, not knowing my point. Caroline glanced up at me then back at her hands again.

"This can't wait I don't want to keep holding it off, it can't be avoided ..." she began. Oh god .. This can't be what I think it is ...

"- Areyoupregnat?!" I demanded, speaking so fast it all came out like foreign language.

"Huh? Did you just ask ?.... Oh heavens no! No Lily I'm not pregnant!" I saw a blush stream across Max's face. "Its just well... You see Max got a promotion at his work but in order to take the promotion we have to move ... To California.."

California? I never thought about living there... It isn't too far away so I guess I would still be able to still see my friends... Also it would be nice to live close to a beach for once... I'm sure we could also find a place for Bella to come with us... It didn't sound too bad. I don't know why they are acting all weird.

Max interrupted my thoughts. "BUT..."

Oh no not the but .. Please not the but ...

"You aren't coming with us... Somehow your dad found out about my promotion and he took it as the perfect chance to... Invite you to live with him.." Max finished.

This man can't be serious! "But I haven't even seen him since I was 6!! You tell him I decline his invitation and I'm perfectly fine moving to California with my real family! Emphasis on the 'real!' " I shouted.

Caroline spoke up all of a sudden, "Look we would love to have ya come with us sweetie, but technically he is your legal guardian so we don't have a say. And neither do you until your 18.."

This is so not fair!! My father missed out on 11 years of my life, and he left my mom behind without a clue, and with a 6 year old daughter. As a way for her to cope with all the madness my father left behind, we started a project to build a horse ranch and a personalized house fit for just the two of us.. We did it all on our own and she left the property to me...

"Well if that excuse for a father thinks he can get me back, there's just no way! I just won't forgive him for walking out on us!!" I warned, I felt my cheeks begin to heat up and I clenched my fists.

"Listen Lily it is what it is, we cant change your fathers mind, trust me we've tried. Max and I begged him over the phone to let you stay and we also offered to fly out to where he lives to talk things through. But the man isn't changing his mind so would you just relax so we could just spend the last days with you in peace?" Caroline pleaded. Everything she said sunk in when she mentioned spending a few more days with me and without warning I started crying. Then my crying turned into bawling and then pleading, before I knew it I was curled up into a ball with Caroline holding me tight and humming in my ear. Finally I started to regain my strength so I lifted my head up.

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