Chapter 17

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Chapter 17

I was back home packing my stuff for school tomorrow. Jimmy had left to run his 'errands' and my dad was somewhere downstairs. I didn't even look at him when I came home, if he wants to talk to me he can start by explaining everything he's been keeping from me. I made a mental note to go back to that cafe to talk to Martha and find out more about my mom and dad.

I was just finishing up as the clock struck 10 so I plopped onto my bed shutting my eyes. Just as I was about to fall asleep my phone rang.

Groaning I walked over to my desk where I had left my phone and snatched it not bothering to see who was calling.

"Hello?" I huffed out.

"Well hello to you too grumpy! Why haven't you called?!"

"Rosie! Oh it's so nice hearing your voice, I'm sorry I didn't call I ... I had a pretty busy day.." I hesitated, I'm not sure if I want to tell Rosie all that I had discovered just yet.

"Well get in your jammies, hop on your bed, and shut on some music cause we are about to have a looong talk! You have to tell me ALL about New York. I'm DYING to know!"

I hopped on my bed and laughed, "It's so different here. There are so many buildings, and a lot of people. Some are very rude, but I met some guy who is actually very nice. And you'll never guess-"

"Ooo what's his name?"


"The guy you met!"

"Oh, Jimmy? Yeah he's cool he works for my dad and he showed me arou_"

"Is he cute?"

"I guess. He's really outgoing and rand-"

"How old is he??"

"Rosie! Would you let me finish my sentences??" I exclaimed.

"Sorry. Just curious!"

I chuckled, "I know you are, I'll get to you questions in a minute. But you'll never guess what my dad has!"

"A girlfriend?!"

"No. He has a dog! It's a Yorkie and it's name is Peaches, it's the cutest thing!" Suddenly reminded of Peaches I crack my door open and whistle. Soon enough Peaches came hopping up the stairs one by one and I grabbed her and brought her into my room.

"That's cool! I never took your dad as a dog guy, or at least not small dogs anyways."

"Yeah neither did I! I wasn't even expecting it!" I declared while snuggling with Peaches on my bed.

"So is that new guy Jason going to the same school as you?"

"You mean Jimmy? Yeah I think so. Well I hope so cause he's really the only friend I have here."


"Hey umm... How's Oliver?" I asked, suddenly sitting up and listening in for her reply.

"He's... Well I don't know really he's kept to himself all day I don't know whats up. You should call him and see if he's OK, he doesn't feel like talking to me anyways." She sounded slightly disappointed.

"Maybe I will..."

"So," she chirped, "Are you excited for school tomorrow? What do you plan on wearing?"

"Nope! And I don't know I haven't thought about it. I'll worry about it when the time comes."

"Your no fun," she pouted, I faintly heard someone calling her in the back round.

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