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Chapter 22

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So I wasn't going to update so early, but I felt like giving back. :) Thank you for all the votes and comments everyone!!

I'd like to make a shout out to Dancinggirl5 for taking her time to adverstise my story, I didn't think it was worth reading I was just doing it to pass my time. You changed that!

So thank you!! <3

Enjoy :)

Chapter 22

I immediately whipped my head back, I felt my breath get faster.

Calm down Lily, What's a big deal? Deep breaths.

"You OK?" A girl asked me. I nodded and gathered my stuff to leave, I was done with homework anyway.

I threw my bag over my shoulder and stood up roughly running into someone. Alarmed, I dropped my binder and all my stuff fell out.

Great. I've seemed to be doing that a lot lately.

"Whoa there, someone's in a rush." I looked up and met Jimmy's eyes, he smiled and offered me some fries which I turned down. I started to pick up my binder and collect my papers, he set his fries down on the table and helped me.

"Is everything OK?" He asked, searching my face for an answer as he handed me some notes that had fallen to the floor. I nodded and let out a weak smile.

"I'm fine." I replied.

"You weren't about to leave where you?" He questioned, eyeing my bag.

I sighed and shook my head no, then sat back down.

"Well, good!" He added, plopping down next to me and digging into his fries. The rest of the boys gathered around and they immediately noticed Melissa's imaginary gaze. I rolled my eyes, could she exaggerate any more?

"What's up with Melissa?" someone asked. Everyone's gaze went to her, then to the other girls for an explanation.

One girl spoke up, "Well we don't know for sure, but it has to do with Mason."

I heard a crushing noise and gasps, I looked to my left and saw Jimmy with fire burning in his eyes. He had snapped his fork in half and crush the chili cheese fries with his other hand. The chilli oozed onto his hand but he seemed too pissed to care. What was up with him?

Still concerned with Jimmy I hesitated before I spoke out, "Just yesterday she was practically calling him a murderer, explaining how he stabbed a kid. Now she's suddenly in love?" I questioned.

Melissa snapped out of her gaze and shot me a look that didn't fit her face.

"That was before I even talked to him! But I know now he couldn't be bad." she hissed. I let out a small laugh, she was being such a hypocrite! I wouldn't believe her crap for a second, I knew she was still afraid of him, probably just excited that a cute guy talked to her.

OK scratch that, gorgeous guy. I wonder what he said to her?

She glared at me and I rolled my eyes, grabbing my bag and standing up to leave.

"Wait." Jimmy protested, I ignored him and made my way to leave, then I heard Melissa whisper, "Let her go." I whipped around.

"Your a hypocrite! I know you still think he's dangerous, I don't know why your trying to hide it." Before she could protest I whipped around and ran to my next class, at least I wouldn't be late today. I heard Jimmy call after me but I ignored it. My mind blocked out his voices and started to wander.

Why would Melissa all of a sudden be interested in Mason? Yesterday she would flinch if you even mentioned his name, something is really fishy. I don't know why I got all defensive, maybe I should have minded my own business. Maybe not, I don't know.

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