Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

Halfway into the flight I woke up by a sudden jolt. Not again.

I groaned and turned around, the annoying little boy from earlier smiled mischievously at me then kicked my chair again.He had been doing that constantly ever since we took off! I rolled my eyes, don't kids ever sleep these days?! Taking a look around the room I noticed not one person was awake, everyone had their blankets and pillows and were snoring sound asleep. I am so jealous of those people right now.

My seat kicked forward again and I shut my eyes frustrated, trying to ignore him before I turned around and ripped the kids head off. He had woken me up at least six times, and it's like 3 in the morning!

Closing my eyes, I began to feel droopy, the noises surrounding me immediately faded away and I was escaping into a dream world....


My seat jolted forward. AGAIN.

I twisted around and pointed a finger at the kid, glaring. "Listen here buster. You kick my chair one more freaking time and I will throw you off this plane. Your mommy won't even know your gone!" I whispered through my gritted teeth. I knew it was harsh but I hadn't slept in ages and I was on the verge of my breaking point. He stared at me wide eyed and pointed a finger and me.

Oh no.

"Mommy! Mommy! MOMMY!!" he screeched out.

Oh god.

Good going Lily!

The last thing I need is a cranky mother filing a complaint against me. I rapidly turned back around snatching my blanket off the floor and throwing it over my head. Then I lifted my feet off the ground and brought my knees to my chest. Once I began to hear people groaning and footsteps headed this way, I let out silent snore and pretended to be asleep.

"Excuse me ma'am..."

I remained silent. After all that is my right.

"Ma'am" I heard again.

Still, nothing escaped my lips except snoring.

"Hmm.. she must be in a deep sleep. OK sweety you must have been having a nightmare, now go back to sleep." She whispered to the boy before heading off. I heard him whine and I smiled in accomplishment. Sucker.

I held my chest in relief and I heard a silent chuckled next to me that nearly startled me off my seat. My dad was laughing in his sleep?


I glanced at him, he wasn't sleeping.

"Why are you laughing? How long have you been awake?" I accused shooting my dad a glare. He opened one eye to stare at me but kept a grin on his face.

He closed his eye and quietly whispered, "Threatening little kids? Shouldn't I ground you for that? Sounds like about a week of grounding to me..."

My eyes widened in horror. He couldn't do that, come back 11 years later to ground me. That's so not fair!!

I couldn't believe he had also been awake the whole time listening! I felt my cheeks go red, he probably thought of me as some child-hater or something. He seemed to notice my silence and quickly added on, "I'm only kidding Lily. That kid was being a little booger anyways."

"Booger?" I mused. He shrugged and went back to sleeping. I tried getting in a comfortable position, but couldn't really find one on the seat. Even once I did find a comfortable position, so many things started going through my head so I couldn't even fall asleep.

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