Chapter 19

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Chapter 19

"Oh.. It's you..." I mumbled.

Mason looked at me and chuckled.

"You don't seem too thrilled to see me." He whispered, turning his eyes back to the slide show.

"Sorry. It's just uhh.."

"It's what?" he asked, whispering softly. Looking at him, I couldn't believe he could have stabbed a kid.

But looks can be deceiving, what if the kid he stabbed was innocent?

What if Mason is just a crazed bully, who appears sweet on the outside when secretly he's a murderer?

What if he's a cereal killer?

OK I've clearly been watching too many episodes of CSI.

He was still awaiting an answer but I changed the subject.

"What's the slide show about?"

"It's picture we've taken over this year for different assignments." he replied calmly. He didn't seemed bothered that I had changed the subject.

"Oh..." I replied, just as a photo of Mason popped up on the screen.

He was laying flat on his back with his arms behind his head, gazing at a girl who was laying next to him. It looked like the shot was taken strait out of a romance movie. He held his gaze on her and the girl who had wavy blonde hair and hazel eyes gazed back, slightly blushing. They were in a meadow and the wind was blowing their hair slightly, giving it a messy but natural look.

Anyone would have agreed that it was a beautiful shot, I just didn't want to admit it to myself for whatever reasons.

A girl in the front row turned back just as the slide switched, she was probably the girl from the photo. She smiled back at Mason as her perfectly curled blonde hair swept over her shoulders.

Mason returned the smile, then I felt his eyes wander over to me. I was looking away by then and I continued to glance at the opposite direction throughout the rest of slide show.

Once in a while, out of the corner of my eye, I would see Mason open his mouth to say something. N+othing would come out and he would just return to watching the slide show.

When the presentation had ended everyone applauded, shouting out comments and remarks about some of the shots. The teacher shut the lights on and my vision momentarily went blurry from the sudden bright light. I shut my eyes and rubbed them a little until they were adjusted, then the teacher spoke out.

"So now that we got last semester's project's out of the way we are going to start a new project. Now everyone take a sheet and pass it back." She went row by row and handed out a stack of papers, when I got mine I silently read the title.


Oh well that's not original at all, completely explains the project thoroughly. Not.

Before I could read the paragraph the teacher started to explain.

"OK, so for the next few months we will be working on something different. Last semester we were trying to portray different emotions through the photographs, love, sadness, joy, etc. It was very broad. Now we are going to be going more in depth. So for this assignment you will have a partner-"

The class erupted into a roar, shouting out names as tables began to move.

"Ehem," she cleared her throat and everyone silenced. "As I said you will get with a partner AFTER I finish the directions. So we will be focusing on each and every one of you as individuals. You are to have a certain amount of thought-provoking photos describing your life. However, it can't be as simple as you holding you dog and smiling with it. It has to interpret emotion behind it and send a message about you. Express yourself. The only catch is that YOU will have to be in each and every one of your photos."

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