Lose And Glasses

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The girl with black hair was running towards the church until she saw many members was defeat by the boy who has tattoo dragon, "you.....Takemichi older sister, right?" Y/n stare at him. "Im just want to meet my lil brother thats all" she just give him blank face, "what happened in there?" , "just stay here their business will finished" Draken sit on the stairs.

Draken stare at her for a while, "you looked different than the last time i saw you" Draken spoke. "Its different because my hair and i don't wearing a glasses" Y/n take out juice from her plastic bag. "Take this...you looked so tired when you fight with them" she give him then Draken just take it from her hands, "thank you" Y/n just nod and waiting for Takemichi while hide herself.

Suddenly the door open reveal Taiju, Kokonoi and Inui, "Oh? Are things all done in there? Could you let Mikey know?" Draken smile, "Im all done out here" Taiju can't believe it in his own eyes.


Draken when inside to the church after told Y/n stay outside for a sec, "Hm? Why's everyone all tense" they shocked except Mikey, "i stomped all the dudes outside! Taiju Shiba lost to you and all his soldiers are defeated. His will to fight is gone" Draken point outside while Mikey just nod.

"What? What?!" They go to outside the church and saw all members was defeat by Draken, "The black dragons are dead!" Mikey smile.

"Toman wins!" they all excited while Y/n hide behind the stairs, "i shouldn't interrupt them..." Y/n mumble and going back to her home before someone saw her.


"Ouh, yeah...Takemichi, your sister want to meet you" Takemichi face turn to pale, "where?" Mikey excited . "I think she was here..." , "maybe she went home..." Mitsuya understand you after he saw you leaving behind the stairs in silent.

"Awh...i want to see her so much" Mikey whine while Takemichi just sigh in relief then pass out for a while. Mitsuya caught him, "Mikey...Draken. We beat the Black Dragons, Thanks to you two. But tonight's MVP is Takemitchi" Mitsuya tell them and making everyone agreed that he was right, Takemichi was trying to prevent that happened so he was succeed to save everyone.


Kokonoi and Inui was stare at the members Black Dragons was defeat by Toman, "it's over now" Kokonoi spoke. "Boss, we're through. It was a nice dream...short and fleeting as it was. What are you gonna do, Koko?" Inui ask him, "what else? Im goin' with you. Later Taiju" he follow Inui behind.

"Well? How's your first ever loss taste?" Taiju just stay silent, "You're strong. You'll recover in no time but Yuzuha and i never will give in to you again" Hakkai looked at him. "I was mistaken to try to kill you. As long as you keep using violence against your family...I'll keep on fighting" Hakkai tell him that and walk away.                                                                                                                           "If you don't change after this...Then you're an idiot. Ever since mom died... You never talked about her, you moped and put all this on pressure on yourself. You've been alone that time" Yuzuha stare at the sky, "I was the same, i thought i was alone. What is family, anyway? I hate it so much, i want it to die but i love my family" Yuzuha leaving him behind and to make he realized his mistakes.



"Takemichi was grow up afterall" i let out my breath and stare at the sky, "by the way, its nice that everyone doesn't saw me but that lilac boy...i let my guard down" i smirk and turn around saw my friends came out from the mall.

"You finished buy your things" i raised my eyebrows, "hey...you should be grateful that i lend my glasses to you" Sachiko pout. "yeah...thank you" I thank her, "ne~ Y/n-chan, tomorrow is Happy New Years...how about join me to the shrine tomorrow? I want to write my ema" she smile at her.

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