Best Friends Fight

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"Takemichi, things are really bad between Mikey and Draken" Akkun till head down, "Really?" Takemichi looked at Akkun, "their relationship's irreparable. They're saying it's only a matter of time before Touman splits up" Takemichi and his friends was serious, "i knew it" Takemichi spoke.

Suddenly, Akkun and others can't hold his laughing when saw Takemichi being serious like that, "huh? What!" Takemichi confused again, "sorry, we just kidding" Akkun said.
"Huh?" , "They're fighting, but apparently that happens all the time" Takuya told him, "what the hell man?" Takemichi embrassing, "Like Mikey-kun and Draken-kun would actually have a real fight" Yamagushi told him but suddenly the door opens and saw Draken.

"Who are you namedropping about fighting or not?" They flinch when saw Draken in Takemichi house.
"Draken-kun!" They shocked about it while Draken grin," i came to see how you're doing, Takemitchy. Damn, it's hot in this room. Is it because there's a bunch of dudes in here?" Draken looked around.
"What're you all just standing there for? I bought a watermelon. Let's eat" Draken show that he bought watermelon, "Y-yes, sir!".

Time skippu~~~

Y/n was doing her homework and just suddenly she heard table being slam, she get up from her chair and wanted to check if Takemichi okay or not but...

"Touman's finished"

"W-what are you talking about? Finished?

"You're kidding, right?"

"Sorry for bothering you"

"Hey! Hey, wait!


Y/n heard them, "Touman's finished, huh? I don't know what happened to Tokyo when i was away" Y/n just have boring face on her that she knew the news from her uncle.

Even their uncle was a leader of investigation but Y/n still thinking what happened to the past when she was went to overseas. 

Time skippu~~~

Meanwhile, Draken and Mikey was fighting while Takemichi was about to stop them.

"I came to see how Takemitchy's doing" Mikey glaring at Draken.
"Well, so do i" then Draken was glaring at Mikey.

'Are they glaring each other, right now'

"Huh? Takemitchy's my friend. Who asked you to butt in? Right, Takemitchy" Mikey irk mark appear.
"Huh?! I, uh..." Takemichi was speechless.
"Huh? What the hell are you talkin' about? You're my friend, aren't you, Takemitchy?" Draken was pissed off.

"Out of my way, beanpole. I can't get by"

"What? You get outta my way, shrimpy"

"W-wait a sec! Wait a damn second, you two!" Takemichi suddenly spoke, they looking at Takemichi like their pissed off each other.
"Is he really trying to stop them?" Akkun looked at them worried, "does he have a death wish?!" Yamagushi getting scare.
"He just got out of the hospital" Takuya worried, "what are you guys talking about?" They turn looked at Y/n, "it's just Takemichi are trying to stop them from fighting" Akkun pointed at them.

Y/n looked at them with her blank face, 'is this 5 years old kids fighting' she sigh and just watching it.

"I don't know what happened, but fighting's bad! Both of you, calm down!" Draken hold Takemichi shirt and face him, "hey! Who the hell do you think you are?!" Draken give him creepy smile.
Y/n saw that scene and irk mark appear on her head, 'who the heck you do that to my younger brother, huh?!' Y/n stare at them deadly.

'oh, scared. I can't actually stop them from fighting'

Mikey walk away and making Draken and Takemichi curious about him, he take Takemichi precious bicycle.

"Mikey-kun?! That's my precious Hayate!" Takemichi yelling at him but Mikey don't mind him, he trew Takemichi bicycle to Draken but Draken dodge it. Takemichi bicycle was slam to the wall.

"Arghhhhhh!!!" Y/n flinch when Takemichi was yelling and begin to crying, she looked and saw Takemichi bicycle was broke.
"My memories!" Takemichi looking at his bicycle, "Are you friggin' serious?" Draken was hold Takemichi bat, Takemichi looked and he shocked.
"Draken-kun! That's the golden bat i used to hit my first home run in the 4th grade!" Draken broke the bat.

"What the f*ck they doing to my precious Takemichi things" Y/n murder aura appears.

Takemichi crying when he saw that.

"Mikey-kun! That's from when i went to the festival for the first time with my dad and Nee-san!"

"Draken-kun! I saved up forever to buy that skateboard!"

All Takemichi precious things was broke because Mikey and Draken.

"I want to kill them" she just watching them with her coldness glare.

"We gonna settle things here?" Mikey face Draken, "Bring it on" Draken face Mikey.
But suddenly Takemichi being Goku, "you assholes....cut the shit!" Y/n just about to calm herself before she get mad and don't want to expose herself.

"What?" They looking at Takemichi, "Takemichi's pissed" Akkun sweatdrop with others, "oh, shit".
"My precious memories..." Takemichi hold his fist when his two friends Suzuki and Yamagishi was salute at him, "Farewell, Takemichi" while crying.

"You just ruined all of them!" They looking at Takemichi confused, "when did this happen?" Draken spoke and make Takemichi boil from his mad.

"Don't give me that shit!" Takemichi want to punch Mikey but Mikey dodge it and just fell down to garbage.
"You okay, Takemitchy?" Mikey ask him,"shut up! You could give a rat's ass about my memories, huh?!" Takemichi was pissed off.
"Okay, calm down, dude" Draken saying that to Takemichi, "calm down?! Piss off! You're the ones that went all crazy!" Takemichi grip Draken collar.

"Takemichi!" Akkun yelling his name but his eyes narrow when saw Y/n was go to kitchen then he sigh relief and stop Takemichi first.
"Takemichi, don't! Do you have a death wish?!" Akkun hold him.

Meanwhile, Y/n going to kitchen to take a pill before she doing rampage on this neighbourhood. She did not like it when their see her and know that she was Takemichi older sister.

She heard someone open the door and saw Takemichi was smell like he was step on dog or cat poop, "Take-chan, why are you smelling like that?" , "my hair has a poop on it" he told her sister, "then i'll help to wash your hair" he nod when to the bathroom.

Y/n was wash his hair with her shampoo while Takemichi just sit still, "how your friends?" she ask him, "their goods and laughed when saw me like that earlier" Takemichi was embrassing for a while.

"Do you want me to teach them manners?" 

"Pfft! Nee-san don't do that"

Without her know she just smile, Takemichi shock and stare at her


"Nothing, nee-san"

'I don't know nee-san can smile like that' Takemichi smile on himself.

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