My Older Sister And Akuma Member

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Y/n leaving the room after give Baji souvenirs, "your sister like a doll" Baji spoke until he head was hit by his mom, "mom!" Baji whine. "Don't saying her like that, Kei. Their mother help me so please be friends with her even she doesn't like it" His mother smile at him.                                "Yeah, Baji! You should listen what your mom saying" Mikey laugh at him, "she scary to approach" Baji went to red. "Eh? You shy with her?" Emma chuckle when saw his brother friends like that, "Whose shy? Im not and im saying earlier its scary to approach her" Baji eat his food with his frustrated.

"Ne~ Takemichi, if you have time...please introduce us to her" Chifuyu smile at him, "if i have time....but i will ask her" Takemichi rub his head, 'Asking Nee-san was hard'.                                            "Then i will take my leave" Takemichi go out from Baji room, "finish?" Takemichi flinch when heard Y/n voice.

"Nee-san, are you waiting for me?" Y/n pat his shoulder, "should we go, Takemichi" Takemichi screaming inside, 'Gosh i feel today was my bad luck!!!'.


"My Michi Mochi is coming home!!!" Grandma jump and hug her grandson, "Takemichi!!!" gramps come out with big scissor. "Gramps, put your scissor down before Take-chan get hurt because of you" Y/n shake her head.                                                                                                                            "Sorry Takemichi...Gramps was excited when saw you" gramps rub his head then hug him tight, "grandpa, i can't breath" grandma hit her husband head while Y/n sigh.

"what happened yesterday when you met Takemichi, Y/n?" Y/n smirk, "ask Takemichi about that" Y/n go inside the house.


"So thats why Takemichi face has bruise on it" grandma touch his face, "should grandpa hit them with wooden blade" gramps take out his original blade. "Oops wrong blade" gramps chuckle and take another blade.

"Its okay, im not hurt anymore" Takemichi smile at them, "and i will prepare the dinner now" Y/n stand up and go to the kitchen.

"Is your friends suit with your sister" Gramps whisper to him, "what are you talking about, grandpa?" Takemichi confuse. "Your grandpa want Y/n have relationship" Grandma sip her tea, "What?! No!!! I don't want to see Nee-san have relationship" Takemichi protest on that, "except you?" , "yeah except me" he shy.

"Why? I want your sister to be happy too" gramps pout, "no!!!! I don't accept that. I will accept when she marry" they jawdrop heard Takemichi saying that. 

"You have girlfriend while Y/n doesn't have boyfriend" 

"No!!! I have reason for that beside Nee-san will marry and i don't want her in relationship like me!"

"Why are you so overprotective to Your sister?"

"Because i don't trust boys outside to be with Nee-san"

"What?! Thats it?"

"Yeah, i will see him. Is he useful, kind and responsible man to Y/n"

"You don't want her have boyfriend? And want her marry in future? I don't want that!"

Grandma just looking at them arguing about Y/n will have relationship or not.


Y/n was finishing her cooking for the dinner until Takemichi come out and sit on the chair, "Nee-san, im sorry that i have to break the promise" Y/n looked at her brother, "its okay, Takemichi. I know why are you doing that without my permissions" Y/n pat his head.                              Takemichi  began to cry, "Takemichi stop crying like make me feelt guilty" she sigh heavily. "Then will you help me prepare the dinner" Takemichi sniff then nod his head.

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