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"This flavors is hard to choose" Y/n still choosing what flavors for happy new years cake, "Why are you sitting there?" she flinch then looked behind her. He saw a man with scar on his face while wearing his white uniform, 'BD? Huh?' she stared at him.

"Oi, Inui! Are you finished choosing your things?" the unknow man approach him, "who is this?" he smirk at look at you. "Im....nobody to you" Y/n just take the flavors then run away from them, 'Why i ended up meeting a gangs?! Today is my bad luck, isn't it?' she frowned.


"Who're she?" Kokonoi ask Inui, "i don't know but she just sitting here while choosing flavors" Inui tell him. "Eh? What a weird you finished choosing it?" Inui nod his head, "i want to see her again....." Inui froze what he just saying earlier.                                                                                        "Eh? You just met here, how did you end up fall in love with her?" Kokonoi smirk, "she just looked like Akane when i first glance her" That setence making Kokonoi stop his walk. "Why are you suddenly stop?" Inui raised his eyebrows, "nothing...." he continue his walking.

'She just like Akane? That's crazy right?'



"Wow...its snowing, right now. And its cold" Y/n was shaking, "By the way, i don't see Takemichi today? Is he going out earlier" Y/n was confused. "But he does tell me that he always went to dangerous situation" She shake her head then suddenly stop, "Dangerous situation? F*cking kidding me, he making me worried all day! That bakamichi, i hope i can tied him but i can't" Y/n grip her fist that let out her breath.

"Just the f*ck i want to calm if this happened?!" she walk to the kitchen and want to take a pills, "f*cking great, im forgot to buy new want" she throw her empty pill on the wall. "He f*cking dead if he going without telling me where is he going?!" Y/n gritted her teeth and walk out to meet Takemichi.

'You dead if something happen to my lil brother....right here, right now'


"Achoooo!!!!" Takemichi sneeze, "dude are you okay?" Chifuyu look at him. "Im just getting goosebumps right something will happened to me" Takemichi shiver, "just don't get sick, Takemichi. We're here to pretend that accident happen" Chifuyu pat his back.

"May i ask Chifuyu...How the f*ck their was in black dragon, right now?!" Takemichi was confused why Kisaki and Hanma was in Black Dragon, "that's...i don't know" Chifuyu was same as Takemichi. He get information to the church because Baji. Baji was walking to his home until he heard and saw Kisaki was speak one of Black Dragon members.                                                            "Baji-kun was awesome to spying them like that...." Takemichi still amazed at Baji, "but its hard tho to spying them in close distance" Chifuyu tell him. "But still Baji-san is awesome man" Chifuyu proud of his friends.

They on the way to the church until Takemichi saw Baji was waiting for them, "Eh? Why Baji-san was here" Takemchi point at him, "He want to join us fight" Chifuyu just anwers it simple. "Baji-san, sorry for waiting!"Chifuyu waved at him, "Yo, Chifuyu...Takemitchi! How your sister?" Takemichi frown when heard Baji was mentioned his sister, "she's okay..."he glared at Baji.              "Why he glaring at me?" Baji whisper to Chifuyu, "Overprotective brother" while Chifuyu whisper back to him. "Relax...Shittymichi. Im just worried about your sister might involved this gangs matters" Baji place his arms on Takemichi shoulder, "suspicious...." Takemichi stare at him.

"Do you want to get punch again on your face?" Baji smile at him while Takemichi flinch then rub his neck, "we should get going fast before something happen to them" Takemichi going ahead.


"Hina!" Y/n saw her and calling Hina, "Y/n-senpai..." Hina stare her with eyes widen. " forgot to wearing glasses" Y/n eyes turn to shock, "but you looked so pretty because you let your hair down" Hina smile at her.

"And why are you calling me, senpai?" Hina ask her, " you know where the f*ck is Takemichi right now?" Y/n voice change while Hina just stay silent. "I don't know where he going, senpai..." Hina stare on the ground. Y/n was felt something off, "are you guys fighting?" Hina shake his head.

"Just....nothing, Y/n senpai! How about you ask Akkun and his friends" Y/n stare at her confused like she was hiding behind her back, "Okay, thanks about it but are you sure, you okay?" Y/n worried.

"Im okay, Y/n senpai" Hina bow and walk away, "i want to punch Takemichi right now after i meet him and i want to him explain everything" she gritted her teeth and start to called Akkun.

"Akkun, do you know where's Takemichi?"

"He going to the church with Chifuyu"


I ended call and rushing to the church, "are they going to fight in there?" I question myself.



Baji was hold attack from Taiju, "F*ck he strong then i think" Baji punch his face, "strong aren't we?" Taiju smirk at him. "Who know that we can win the fight, right Mitsuya" Baji tied his long hair into ponytail, "A strap on my boot came loose, that's all" Mitsuya point oh his shoes, "after all we fight together right, Baji" they start to attack Taiju.

"Don't do it, Taka-chan, You guys can't win!! You can't beat him" Hakkai yelling at them but their just ignored it, "what's wrong with you, Taka-chan?!! I tought you were smart! You don't fight pointless battles like this!! He's bigger and older than you! You don't have anything that'll help you win!!" Hakkai yelling to Mitsuya.

"Hey, shut up for a sec, Hakkai" Chifuyu spoke, "Ah?!" Hakkai raised his voice. "Don't you get it?! He's being stubborn, Because you're watching" Hakkai just stun on his words, "Mitsuya-kun's a clever dude. He can estimate what will happen, of course with Baji-san help he will get support by him" Chifuyu tell him while looking at them fighting.

"He's putting himself on the line...'cause he knows what he's doing! For your sake!" Chifuyu looking at them fight without stop.                                                                                                                            "Mitsuya-kun and Baji- san's not gonna lose" Takemichi said, "Yeah! No way they'll lose" Chifuyu and Takemichi confident until they shock that Mitsuya head was hit by Inui with pipe.

"Taka-chaaan!!/ Mitsuya!!" Hakkai and Baji went to him, "well? Did my info help? Was it worth to you after spying us back there without getting pay me back?" Kokonoi smirk at them. 

"Taka-chaaan!! Taka-chaaan!!" Hakkai called his name, "what now, Takemichi?!!! Taka-chan, he's...!" Hakkai can't process about it. "Of course, he is. I swung as hard as i could" Inui point the pipe to him and Baji, " say bye to your friends" Baji eyes widen when his head was being hit by him.

"Baji-san!!!!!" Chifuyu shock and gritted his teeth, 'i can't let Baji-san being hit again!' "Hahahhaha! That's my's Inui!!" Taiju laughing at them.

"Now let's beat the rest of 'em to death! Hahahha!" Takemichi and Chifuyu grip their fist and glaring at them.



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