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No one pov

After Hina was apologize, she went back to her class and suddenly someone approach her.


Hina pov

'its embrassing for me, slap someone that i didn't know that he was Takemichi friends'.

My face turn red when remember that earlier but suddenly i felt someone hand was on my shoulder.
I look at person who it is? But i saw a girl with long hair was tied with low ponytail, she has black hair and blue eyes. She wearing a glasses and remind me someone i know.


"Oh! Hey..." I smile at her but her face was blank I can't tell she smile or not, "are you Takemichi girlfriend?" She ask me, "eh?" I look at her weird.

" May i introduce myself, my name is Hanagaki Y/n. Takemichi older sister" she tell me and i was in shock.


After school~~~

I met Y/n senpai at gate after school finished, "senpai, im sorry that you waiting for too long" i bow to her but she doesn't care about it.

"It's fine..."

We start to walk, "I don't know Takemichi has older sister" i spoke, "i tell him not to telling everyone about his older sister" i stare at her.

'I don't know Takemichi older sister was beautiful, if she not wearing a glasses. She will be popular in our school, though'

"Y/n senpai, why are you wearing fake glasses?" I close my mouth with my hand that i miss my spoke, then she chuckled, "i see...you know this was fake glasses, huh? Smart girlfriend from Takemichi" i blushed.
She take off her glasses and reaveal her beautiful face, i shocked and saw her like that.

"Senpai was beautiful though. Why senpai wearing a glasses?" She wearing back, "i hate being popular, you know... it's kinda annoying to me because it's hard to talk with anyone...i mean, people..." I see Y/n senpai was anti social.
"I wanted to talk you about something" she stop her track, "will you look Takemichi for me...i worried about him. And could you tell me if he has a problem or asking help called me but this is our secret, Hina-chan. I don't want he know about this" i smile at her.

"I will looked after him for you, beside he was my boyfriend afterall" i smile at her then she pat my head, "you kind and good girl for Takemichi" i blushing mess and want to look at her but she was disappear like that.

'its weird, how Y/n senpai disappear like that?'

I shake my head and went to my home.

Y/n pov

'its kinda sucks when Takemichi was friends with gangs...but i don't want to talked about that...'

I smile at Hina, 'what wonderful girlfriend you have Takemichi. It's seems that your girlfriend tough than you' i chuckle and walk home.

Time skippu~~~

It's been 3 days, Takemichi was different than himself, 'dude, i know you hide your secret to me' i look at him going to school.

"Well, let's slide them" i lean to my bed, "it's sucks when you have a fever" i groan and start to taking pills.

And sleep peacefully...

8:00 p.m~~~

I woke up and look at the clock, "wow..look at that. I woke up late because my body felt tired as h*ll" i take shower and grab my dompet to buy some groceries.

I walk to the city and saw someone running, guest what?
I saw Takemichi suddenly being himself...

No one pov

Takemichi running away from hotel that suddenly hit him, he saw a girl was top on him.

'What the hell?! What's going on?!'

Takemichi stop his running and take his breath, 'it's completely different from my previous life! An eternal virgin like me being together with such cute girl?'.

"I must not let Hina and Nee-san know about this" Takemichi spoke to himself.

"About what?" Hina and Y/n suddenly spoke behind him, he flinch and saw the two of them.
"Warghhhh! Hina! Nee-san?! What are you doing here?" Takemichi ask them, "im on my way home from cram school" Hina reply his answer.

"Did i told you to come home early?!" Y/n want to raise her voice but because her fever so she just making her voice sound angry to him.
"And what are you doing here, Takemichi-kun?" Hina look at him while Y/n glaring at him, "well! erm, actually..." Takemichi want to explain but Hina look at him suspicious same with Y/n.

"W-what? Do i have something on my face?" Hina looked away while Y/n flick his head, "Takemichi, baka" Takemichi rub his head, "that's hurt, Nee-san".
"Huh?! Hurt! I saw you were f*cking running away and don't tell me that you...." Y/n stop and narrow her eyes to Hina, "explain to me when we at home" Takemichi gulp.

Takemichi looked at Hina, "U-um, i actually don't have any memory about that!" Takemichi talking nonsense, "what are you talking about?" Takemichi was blank, "Takemichi-kun, you're acting weird recently" Y/n nod, "eh?", "You're 'the adult Takemichi-kun' today" Hina spoke.

She turn her back and making Takemichi speechless about it, "like in that day we watched fireworks together on the rooftop. You suddenly panicked and went home. And you also gave me the cold attitude at school and yet, you're making gentle expression today" Hina was a little bit upset about that.

"So that's why you close the door like you just wanted to punch the door house..." Y/n cough, "Nee-san, are you alright?" Takemichi looked at her sister, "im fine, Takemichi. Just a little bit tired" you pat his head.

"Im sorry, Hina-chan. That this brat just making you upset and worried all the time. While he was with me,
We fight because of confusion" Y/n smack Takemichi back and making Takemichi whine.

Takemichi phone start ringing, "Takemichi-kun, your phone is ringing" Hina stare at him.

"Im sorry about this brat" Y/n point at him, "it's okay, Y/n senpai..." Hina looked at her, 'why her face was red? Don't tell Y/n senpai has a fever?!' Hina looked at her worried.
"Is that wrong on my face?" Y/n stare at her, "Y/n senpai, are you has a fever?" Y/n just give her weak nod, "it's that why I don't saw you 3 days?!" Hina eyes widen.

"Hina, Nee-san, Draken-kun wants me to meet up with him" Y/n look at him confuse, "I'll go too, then!" Hina smile at him, "but Takemichi your sister has a fever, we should walk her home before she pass out" Hina told him.
"Eh?! Nee-san, why you not told me that you has a fever?!" Takemichi making worried expression, "ara~ I don't care about that....who is Draken, Take-chan?" Y/n stare at him.
"He just my friends, Nee-san" Y/n grin, "then i join you two..." Y/n smirk, "but Nee-san you-!" Y/n stop him, "im okay, Takemichi..." Y/n pat his head.

'i don't care but Nee-san if your fever was high, you might go to hospital because your body went to weak when it comes to fever'

Takemichi grit his teeth, "then Nee-san after i meet my friends, we should go to hospital. I think it's been 3 days your fever not getting down" Y/n eyes widen when heard Takemichi saying that.
"Fine...we will go to hospital after you meeting with your friends" Y/n heart become soft, 'well...he just idiot worried about others but not himself. But im still loved him...my younger brother has grew up, Oka-san...old man' .

To be continued...

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