Change and Murdered

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"Takemichi!!!!" I shout his name, "yes Nee-san" he went downstairs and stare at me. "Nee-san, why are you wearing all black? Are you want to go someone funeral?" his eyes just stare me, "i want to hunt someone" I tell him. "Eh?" , "i mean meet someone" I smile at him.

"Nee-san, could you please stop smiling like that? Its scary..." he face turn to pale then i drop my smile, "you so cruel, Takemichi" i open the door. "Im sorry...but when you come back?" i looked at him, "maybe this night or tommorow" i wave at him.


I walk to our Akuma hideout, "Oh my....this hideout has change isn't it" i stare at the building. The building was for Akuma but its cover for normal office building, "i don't know how to greet them if i suddenly lost in there" i shake my head.

"Hah? Isn't Queen just arrived now" I smirk at her, "how did the killer has rumor roaming around at the arcade? The news was spread around our Yakuza" Midori Scarlet chuckle. "School was boring....even my grade still top" Scarlet grin.


"Huh? My grade is top than you" Misaki was infront Scarlet, "your not middle schooler, jerk" Scarlet hiss to Misaki. " forgot you was middle year i will go to college" Y/n stare at them.

"You know....your boss was middle schooler. Don't get too cocky Misaki" Y/n glare at them, "im sorry, Queen. This kid was annoying to me" Misaki smirk. "Hey! Im no kid!" Scarlet glare at her, "Should you guys looked at your boss...she want to hit you with her umbrella" Sachiko the new member appear infront of them.

"Who's her, Y/n?" Scarlet ask her, "she was Y/n friends, althought Y/n want her to be Akuma spy" Misaki tell her. "What? What the....Why?" Scarlet confused, "you stupid....she will replace our retired member for now" Y/n shake her head.                                                                                                          "But how do we trust her?" Misaki ask her, "her profile was secret...i mean whose know her parents was top agents" Y/n leave them and enter the building.

"Hmmm...Im Yamamoto Sachiko" Sachiko introduce to them, "Im Seijuro Misaki...Older than them" she smirk. "Midori Scarlet....are you worth for Akuma?" Scarlet raised her eyebrows, "Im trustworthy people, i will keep our secret" Sachiko grin and shake her hand with Scarlet.

"Let see..." Misaki just stare at them glaring each other, "why i meet a kids this day?" she shake her head and leaving them behind.



"Boss, why're you not calling us with fireworks that has symbolic in our gangs" ....... ask Y/n, "its kinda waste...i will use when its perfect time also i don't know you guys still used the same number" Y/n tap the table. "Im too lazy buy another number" Scarlet yawn, "You should introduce her, Queen" .... point at Sachiko.                                                                                                              "Drop the Queen i have a name..." Y/n give her blank face, "Well, Y/n start the introduce" , "should you just be patient....i will introduce her after our meeting finished" Y/n shake her head. "Then why're you calling us?" ..... ask, "do you remember before 5 years?" she just stare at them.

Their eyes widen, "You want to get back Akuma?" Y/n nod her head. "Yes! Im kinda waiting for this!" ...... excited. "That's why you told everyone we have special meeting" ..... smirk, "Akuma will arise again" .... grin.

" was our arise. Akuma, Yakuza Gang's Come Back"


"Did you know, Sano Manjiro kill his friends in Toman?" Sachiko pass Y/n the document, "Sano Manjiro...that kids has been murdered his own friends, huh?" Y/n just reading the document. "Where's Takemichi?" she ask her, "he went to Mitsuya's family funeral" Sachiko told her.                "Cancel my meeting with executive Akuma, Sachiko...I want to go to their funeral" Sachiko sigh and bow to her, leaving Y/n office.


"Its been a while, Y/n nee-chan..."Mana looked at you, "12 years...we doesn't have met. Where are you, Y/n nee-chan?" Luna crying harder. "Its not my fault that your brother got murdered by him" Y/n gave them blank face, "Its just suddenly...i went back to studies overseas" Y/n stared at Mitsuya picture.                                                                                                                                                                    "Why you suddenly involved me with Toman's member? My own business doesn't have cooperate with Toman..." Y/n bow to them, "forget about me and i apologize with your death brother" Y/n leaving them crying.

"Finished?" Y/n just nod to Scarlet, "Why're you here, Scarlet?" Y/n ask while stare at the window. "Let's just said i want to make your mood up....But its that okay to saying that to them" Scarlet driving, "its truth that im not involved with them but Takemichi was involved...Like im saying Scarlet, The Queen Always Become The Villainess Even If They Doesn't Asked but when its come to this i don't want to help and that's not my business but them" Y/n told her.




Mikey called him while Takemichi turn his head around and saw him with his own eyes.


'This is the first time i've seen him in present, that look didn't change since 12 years. I finally meet him'

"Hm...have you been well?" Takemichi ask him, "yeah" Mikey smile at him. "I'm....Im sorry" Takemichi wipe his tears, "still a crybaby, that hasn't changed huh" Mikey look at him.                     "I brought you here because i have favor to ask you" Mikey tell him, "Huh, a favor?" Takemichi confused. "I came here to remember my memories with my big brother, i'm overwhelmed with many memories. When i was young i fought with many people, i learned few stuff, i laughed, i cried too, That's how i grew Toman. It makes me nostalgic" Mikey smile at him.

"Toman has changed a lot" Mikey stare at the sky, "Takemitchi....why did you leave Toman? I wanted us to stay together, i wanted you to stay with me like a big brother would. I tried to fix everything by myself but i couldn't control everything. Im never gonna be like i was in the past" Takemichi eyes widen when heard Mikey telling him.                                                                                      "Mikey, what do you mean" Takemichi can't underestand, "i tried to stop you from quitting Toman and Kenchin said....." Mikey flashback...


"Stop it Mikey" Kenchin spoke to him, "ha? Why are you ordering me around, huh?" Mikey glare at him. "I agree with Draken, he is no longer a part of Toman now" Mitsuya told him. "Mitsuya..." Mikey still stubborn.

Draken and Mitsuya kneel while bow to him, " choose the path of violence. From now on Mitsuya and me put our lives in your hands, its our choice" , "But Mikey...Takemitchi is our leader, i don't want him to end up like us" Mitsuya smile at him. "Don't mix him up in our mess" Draken faced him.


Takemichi shock when heard that, "these two... this means that?" , "Yeah, they were the last...Im the one who killed them" Mikey tell him. 


"Takemitchi, that Toman no longer exist...the guys. Are and Everyone...i killed them all, that's why i want you to stop me"

Takemichi eyes was watery again when his best friends murdered everyone even he own friends but his mind still thinking...

'Then Nee-san...'

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