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"You bi*che..What a coward of you defeat me like this. How shamless are you, Yurisa" 


"Grandma, where did i put that fireworks?" i ask grandma if she know it, "hmmm...it's was in store house" grandma told me. I nodded and going to the store room, "why their store house was big and hard to fine something that we needed?" i open the store house door and looked into it, "so many things that we doesn't used anymore. I should cleaning this mess" im going inside in the store house and began to cleaning it.


"Found it..." i finished cleaning the store house and have found the fireworks. I want to go out from the store house but the door was stucked, "i should fix the door after i get out from this situation" i calm myself. I looked around the store house and suddenly found the weapons when i was finished cleaning. The weapons i always used when i was 4 years to 9 years, "this weapons still can used" the weapons was like wooden katana and scythe.

"I think using scythe was dangerous so i keeping it safe. I don't know why our ancestors using scythe to defending themself? And i don't know a lot history from our families" i heard someone walk outside, i run to the door and knock the door.   

"Gramps! I got trap in this house. The door was stucked an-" i was yelling but i heard someone chuckle, "looks like is your bad luck is today, Y/n~~~" i flinch when i heard my cousin that always make her way to defeat me and gain attention to her for defending herself.                                     "You bi*che..What a coward of you defeat me like this. How shamless are you, Yurisa" i smirk behind the door, "you can't get out while i will tell them that you went to Shibuya. Bye~bye~" she laughing and until i can't heard her voice again.

"So she disappear out of my sight" i take the scythe and slash the door without thinking what bad and what wrong, "she didn't realize it, that she always behind my palm. Manipulate her is so easy" i run to the house then saw grandma and gramps was in conversation with her.

"Grandma, i found the fireworks and cleaning the store house. Its kinda mess when i looked around" i tell her, Yurisa give me her glaring. 'Sometime i want to poke her two eyes but i can't her mother was kind to me except her father and Yurisa. Just like father and daughter, messing up with my own business. I should just kicked them out of this families if they doing something terrible' i stare at her and ignore her.                                                                      

"I will go to the kitchen right now, if grandma and gramps want some help just call me" i walk away and glance at Yurisa, "sometimes i can't be villainess but i can't help...that was my true self"


"Oi, Takemitchi are you alright?" Chifuyu went to him, "ah...im fine" Takemichi was startle. "You looks like thinking about a lot of things" he sit beside Takemichi. "Hahaha" Takemichi rub, "im just worried about someone" Chifuyu raised his eyebrows then he smirk.

"Who are you worried about?" Chifuyu smile at him, "urmmm....Its secret" Takemichi just shut his mouth. "Eh? Im your partner, should partner know each other too" Chifuyu pout, "but not when its  come to secret, Chifuyu" Takemichi still protest his secret.                                                    "Eh? May i  guess it...Is your girlfriend, right" Takemichi face was red, "its not my girlfriend....its just..." , "who?" Chifuyu still want to know.

"Its my sister!" Takemichi yelling to him, "relax...why are you yelling? Im just asking" Chifuyu pat his shoulder.                                                                                                                                                                            "You're not asking but you force me to know who someone im worried about" Takemichi sigh, "that was partner do" he thumbs up, 'i don't know he was stupid like this' Takemichi sweatdrop. "But you should worried about tomorrow...Tomorrow is our fight between Valhalla" Chifuyu stare at the sky, "and tomorrow is to safe Baji-san and recruite him back again" Takemichi just look on the ground.

'Yeah, i should worried about tomorrow...i will save Baji-san!'


'Its been a two weeks, i miss my lil Michi so much' Y/n sigh heavily, "today is 31 October...but why i have bad feeling about this" Y/n still worried about his brother too much and its bother her so..."i want to meet him today" she decide to visit Takemichi.

"Its great to wearing this outfit...not revealing too much" Y/n looked at her mirror that she was wearing oversize hoodie with pants, she take her cap and mask to cover her face, "if someone know who am i, it will be a big troublesome to me. I should care about that seems i have just to meet Takemichi" she walk to downstairs and saw grandma was baking a cake.

"Grandma, i want to go outside and visit Takemichi...Seems i worried him too much" grandma nod and hold her hand, "take your wooden blade, i think something might dangerous between you and Takemichi" she nod and tell her gramps that she went to walk then leave the house quickly.

"She worried about Takemichi, am i right" Gramps spoke to his wife, "yeah...but my heart seems can tell that something might be dangerous to them" Grandma face look so upset, "we should thinking positively and pray for them safety" Gramps comfort his wife.


"Did you know? I saw the gangs was fight with other gangs at the place with many abandoned cars"

"Seriously! Its scary when you saw that fight, right?"

"Yeah...i saw Ikebukuro Criminal Black Members was overseer the fight! The-"

"Where did you saw it?" Y/n asked them, "huh? Girls like you shouldn't be at the fig-" , "i don't ask that, i ask you two...where's the abandoned cars?" Y/n give them cold gaze.                                    "We will point where is it?!" they afraid of her when saw her want to eat them alive, "then lead the way" she stare at them leading the way awkwardly.


"Thank you for your leading to this place. Here the token for helping me" she give them money then shush them away.

"Is this childish fight? What is wrong kids this day?" she groaned and saw someone injured, "that boy was injured looks like he was being stab by someone...i should save him before he do stupid things" she walked to abandoned car to hide herself.                                                                                     Y/n just stare at that boys was yelling his friends name and went to the banana boy, 'his hair looks like banana'.

Until she saw that boy was take out his knife...

"You stupid long hair boy!"

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