The Truth Stories About The Queen First Friends?

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"I was the leader of Akuma that cooperate with Sano Shinichiro, leader of Black Dragon. We're bond to cooperate for each other even i was younger than him, we're not lovers nor we're not friends long time ago...but we're enemies when our gang face each other."

"That weak boy,Shinichiro know about me when he saw me talking to my gang. At the first, i don't sense him but he met me at the park. At that time, we're suddenly became friends...or more?"


"Hey! You" Y/n turn her head around and saw a man who's coming to her, she take her lolipop and gave him cold gaze.
"Do you need something old man?" Shinichiro irk mark when heard that and start to calm himself down, "Im not old man, kid...But call me Shinichiro if you want..." she stare at him gross. "You're shouldn't give your name to stranger" , "but you are kid to me so yeah, i'll give you my name first...even you are stranger to me" Shinichiro smile to her.

"Idiot man..."she whispered to herself, "why are you called me, Bakachiro?" Y/n called him. "At least not that nickname but whatever, i just want to met you kid. A girl like you can't be alone at this park" She looked at him like idiot who bad at lying, "im not idiot who you can lied to me..." Y/n stand up from craddle while turn her body to face with Shinichiro.
"I wanted to get going" she want to leave him but Shinichiro hold her up, "i wanted to asked something...are you their leader?" he asking her directly. "Who's leader?" , "You, leader from Akuma" Y/n eyes widen when heard that. She started to kick him but Shinichiro still hold himself from her kick, "when did you know, Leader of Black Dragon?" Y/n glare him.

"I know when i saw you were talking to them, their respect you like you're their queen" Shinichiro smile to her, "creepy man...You shouldn't spying other people privacy, that's rude" Y/n sigh. "Im not but i saw you so i just eavesdrop" Shinichiro gave her innocent looked, " least you keep it secret, Bakachiro" Y/n walk away from him.

"Let's meet next time" Y/n waving to him, "yeah..let's meet next time.. Hey! What's your name, kid" Shinichiro asked.
"Its...Y/n! That's my name, make sure you don't forgot about it" Y/n smile and walk away from his sight.

"She/He doesn't bad at all"


"Shinichiro was first friends that i met before i'll leaving Japan, its start when we plan to disband our gang together but my plan was different from him but he respect my opinion..."

"Its actually hurt when i heard he died in accident because his shop was being robber by two kids who are same age of me...."


Y/n running faster when heard her friends got accident, "you better not died, Bakachiro!" she running faster than she can until she arrived to the hospital.

"Nurse! Can you tell me where is patient that name's Sano Shinichiro?" her body was wet because of raining while her eyes are red because of crying. "The patient was at emergenc-" , "Thank you!" she cut nurse and running towards emergency room.

"Shinichiro...where ar-" Y/n stop her legs while saw doctors do AEDS to him, she looked at him while hold his cold hands, "Bakachiro, wake promise me that you will not leaving me until you married or whatever..." Y/n crying until she heard the machine was beeping.

" are my first friend that i never have even you are older to me but still you always stick beside me even i was in bad're good friend, aren't you?" she laughing and her last words to Shinichiro always remind her.


"In the end...i doesn't heard his last words before he died. I went to Italy  after i visit his funeral for the last time, he making me crying"

"I'll started forget about him but i can't...when im coming back to Japan and staying with Takemichi, i saw his younger brother...that face kinda remind him to me but i shake off my head and forget about it"

Y/n tell her guard, Michale about her stories with her first friends, "You still visit his grave, right boss" Michale ask her, "yeah....even i'll start forget about him but my body still want to visit him and also i still remember his last words before i last met him. He take me to the amusement park for the last time we met and we laughing....because im still kid that time, such a brat..." Y/n laughing even she hold her tears down.

"May i ask boss?" Michale look at the side mirror, "sure..." Y/n smile to him.
"What his last words when you last met him?" Michale ask her.

"His last words was "I hope you stay by my side even i'll go first...., but im happy that im your first friends! Its just wow, i was friend with my enemies but you're not bad at all! Even so i don't care but! Promise me when i got married don't forget to visit my wedding day even we're not together but i want you to be part of my families!" his words make me stunned for a minutes. I can't thinking about it but yeah..."

"I miss him already"

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