Life comes And goes

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"You know Takemitchi...Y/n was disappear 12 years ago. I'll asking you that time where is Y/n because you will know where's she going but you just stay silent and won't tell about her. Indeed Y/n doesn't include in this....she was hard person, right Takemitchi...Your sister was different when i first meet her 12 years ago and the las timet i saw her...she was beautiful woman. Mitsuya told me she was coming back to Japan when he about to died and he told me again do not include this with her..." Mikey eyes looked aside.

"But its hard to killed her, i met her face to face...she still same but its different when her eyes suddenly change into sadness"


"i don't know that i met you again, Mikey" Y/n stare at him, "its almost 12 years you haven't visit us, Y/n" he smile at her. "us? Huh? You killed everyone, Mikey...don't saying a words 'us' " Y/n looked at the window, "why you leaving without words?" Mikey ask her.

"I have business to do, Mikey and that's why i don't  intent to told everyone about my privacy even i hurt Takemichi feelings before i going to overseas" Y/n told him, "don't killed my brother, Mikey...he doesn't do anything wrong" Y/n stared back at him. Her eyes turn into sadness, "why you doing that...murdered your friends even you wanted to killed me right now" Y/n ask him, " in loved with you and i want you begone from my heart" Mikey point the gun to her.

"Mikey...thanks for your feelings but you can't killed me as you wanted" she shoot Mikey gun away, "like im saying not involved with this matter but you involved me because of loved. To me Loved was death and forget about me, Mikey. Im dangerous person, if you killed my brother and i will haunted you down like you always do to your friends" Y/n leaving him and make him speechless.


"I don't know your sister was big boss from Yakuza and she just let me go like that" Mikey stand up from the concrete. (idk what Mikey sit on the concrete or rock)

 "what? Nee-san.." Takemichi eyes widen when heard her sister was different from before.

"Kill me"

Mikey went to Takemichi, "I want it all to end dream" Mikey smile at him.

"What are you talking about Mikey? Stop, i don't get it...You ask me to kill you right after we meet but me i just wanted to see you again" Takemichi crying. ""I just wanted to see you" Hakkai also said something like that the moment he died" Takemichi shock...


"Mikey, i would've liked to hangout with Takemitchi and the others one last time" Hakkai told him while Mikey just stared at him for the moment he will died infront of him.



"Hakkai...the moment he was dying?" i just stare at him and can't believe what Mikey saying, "its hard to achieve his dream "open a new era" Toman was on the right track and suddenly everything ended like this" Mikey stare at the sky.

"Like this?" this is not Mikey that i saw in past, "when i killed for the first time, i didn't feel anything and i thought that the difficulties of this world can be fixed with murder" my eyes widen when heard that, 'please stop this...'.

"All is well when you eliminate those who get in your way" the way he saying was wrong, "You are wrong mikey!!!! You haven't changed Mikey!!! You are still the same" my tears won't stop came out. "Stop it Takemitchi" i ignored him, "i see it in your eyes, Nothing changed!" i tell him."You didn't change, stop talking about murder and that bullshit" i touch his shoulder while yelling at him.

Its so sudden when Mikey take my collar and hit me to the ground, "what part of this do you not understand?" he point me the gun on my cheeks, then stare me into my eyes.


"Any last words? Chifuyu" Mikey point the gun on his head, "Hanagaki Takemitchi, you remember him" Mikey hummed at that. "When he go look for you and finds you at that moment it will be like as if he had travelled back in time. He will be the same like he was in the past" Chifuyu told him and making Mikey confused.

"Look at him well in the eyes, you will see that i'm not lying. Finally, trust me" Chifuyu smile at him with his tear fell down.


"Look at me with those eyes" Mikey tears suddenly came out, "Mikey" , "Take that gun Takemitchi, if you don't kill me. You'll be the one who dies" they face to face each other. "We can't go back in time" Mikey pull the gun but end up he getting shot by Naoto.

"Are you okay????! Takemitchi???" Naoto yelling at him, Takemichi shocked and looked at Mikey that his head was bleeding. "Mikey!!!" Takemichi hug him, "Takemitchi! Don't go near him!!" Naoto running towards him. His eyes narrow at the gun then he got shocked the gun was in active safety lock, "he never inteneded to kill him??" Naoto eyes widen.




Y/n was came out from the car then she stopped when heard Takemichi voice was yelling Mikey name, "that kid....he don't want to killed him but i feeling that he was cold...his body was cold" she whispered to herself.

"Y/n, will be gett-" Scarlet stop her spoke, "hey, are you crying?" Y/n eyes widen when heard that. "I-im n-not...." her voice was tremble and she can't stop crying. Y/n kneel down, "dude, are you okay? You sick?" Scarlet worried about her. Scarlet try to comfort Y/n but she can't, "damn! Why its hurt so much?" she gritted her teeth while clutch her chest was in pain.

"Y/n, tell me why are you crying like crazy person?" Scarlet give her water.

"He died..."

"Who's died?"

"That kid who's hide his pain died..." sorry if this short but imma crying to write this chapter~_~ and sorry about my grammar minds was blank after i heard next week i will go back to dorm ~_~

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