Spying and Meeting

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"Takemichi, i will sleep at grandma house for a while...i will come back next week" Y/n tell him, "then stay safe Nee-san and don't forget to buy your medicine" Takemichi smile at her then Y/n pat his head. "Thanks for remind me and i'll cooked many foods for this weeks. You just heat it, kay" Takemichi nod and wave his sister goodbye.


"Y/n, this is your document that you should memorize from now on" her grandma give her document about Akuma, 

"This too many" Sachiko sweatdrop. 

"Dude, why this paper too many?" Scarlet groan,

 "you should just take it, its for your own benefit" Misaki being mature, 'damn! Is this assignment ?!' Misaki soul out from her body.

"Tsk, too many" Yuki hiss and throw the paper.

"Is this second school homework or what?" Mimosa whine

"This is dream, right" Himiko groan

"You guys should memorize not complain it and quit whine" Y/n glare at them then they stay silent, "Okay, boss/ Y/n" Y/n sigh and read the paper, "Tenjiku again?" Y/n raised her eyebrows. "Grandma, this is not document from Akuma but report from Tokyo" Y/n looked at her grandma, "this is because Tenjiku was making a mess at Shinjuku so i want you guys investigate what's going on right now" Grandma told them.

"Huh? This is great, isn't it" Yuki grin evilly, "Yeah, our boss will tell us information about them" Himiko smirk. "Well, i have information about them when i got caught fish from one of their member and kidnapped him for a while" Y/n proud of herself, "you kidnapped them?!" Misaki facepalm. "Of course, we should have our hostage to give us information about them. And he told a lot about that" Y/n smirk.

"This will getting interesting when they doesn't know our Yakuza was spying on them for a while" Hikari laughing, "heh! You should tell us information why they do that?" Scarlet smile. "Yeah, that's right....they was on our palm, right now" They laughing evilly while Y/n grandfather looked at them scary.

'Why my place have evil aura this time?!'


"So they will fight with Toman? Is that your brother gangs?" Scarlet raised her eyebrows, "yeah...it seems so" Y/n twitch her eyes. "At least, i buy your medicine" Misaki and Mimosa came out then give Y/n medicine, "its been a while i don't eat pills" Y/n take one pill and swallow it. "At least, this medicine is effective" Yuki spoke.

"Dude, its been 3 days we investigate this" Hikari yawn, "yeah, i spying them yesterday...they will make move from now on, i think" Sachiko told Y/n. "Wait...they will fight with Toman, right? Why i feel something will happen before the fight?" Y/n massage her temple, "then they will attack today...i saw that foul eyes was behind of this" Sachiko gritted her teeth.

"Foul eyes?" Sachiko nod, "who's him?" Hikari ask. "Kisaki Teita, the one who will manipulate people for his plans. From that i know, he manipulate one of the member Toman to killed their own friends. They was Kazutora Hanemiya and Baji Keisuke, Kazutora was stabbed Baji but this stupid long hair guy want to killed himself for make his friends mistake was all to him. And i prevent his dead" Y/n sigh when remember that stupid accident.

"Wow! That guy is stupid but his mom was your mother friends, right" Mimosa ask her, "yeah...i have to revealed myself as Takemichi sister but i cover my face. Since i visit that stupid guy, i don't know his friends and his mother was there as long with Takemichi" Y/n continued her stories.                                                                                                                                                                               "But now this situation was change, the fight will lost more people, if you can see Tenjiku just like more kid above 18, you know" Misaki sigh, "i want to tied them up for having this kind waste fight" Himiko shake her heads.

"Then who will g-!" , "I will go...they beat Takemichi and took my rest time for shopping" Y/n murder aura appear, "i will make them kneel infront of me, who knows that im their queen" Y/n smirk. "You know, boss was change a lot but this atmosphera give us goosebumps" Scarlet whisper to Hikari. "Yeah....we should take out camera cam" Yuki suggest to them, "ouuuhhhh...you're genius!" , "i am" Yuki proud.



"Y/n, are you sure you want to get yourself involve just by teach them manners?" Hikari stare at her friends dumbfould, "yes...i'll will just hide myself when their do something stupid, i will back up" Y/n choose the clothes to wear. "You should wear black outfit, because you spying them. Black outfit just kinda cool, you know" Hikari giggle, "then i'll choose black" Y/n take the black outfit.

"Boss, don't forget to record it" Y/n raised her eyebrows, "for what?" Y/n ask her. "We will watch it in live" Hikari smirk, "fine..."Y/n rolled her eyes. "You know, you change a little bit" Hikari take her lolipop from her pocket, "like?" , "you become lovely or caring person" Y/n chuckle.

"Its because Takemichi change me a little bit" Y/n sigh and stare at the window, 'im feeling something off or happen right now'. "I want to take a look for Takemichi" Y/n take the black outfit that Hikari choose and wear it, "Oi, don't forget to take your wooden blade, im scare this gangs using weapons instead of bare hands"  she nod and take it from her.



Takemichi and Inui was visited Shinichiro grave, "Shinichiro-kun...standing here is the 11th Gen Black Dragon Captain, Hanagaki Takemichi" Inui told to Shinichiro grave while Takemichi bow. "I will live up to the first gen's name, i'll make Black Dragon the greatest team ever!!" Takemichi spoke. 

"So the 11th Generation is born on the Black Dragon's founding day huh? That's interesting" Inui flinch when saw white hair man infront of them, "So you're Hanagaki Takemichi!" Takemichi looked at him, 'Who's this?' confused that man know his name.

"Izana!! You bastard!!" Inui yelling at him, Takemichi shock when heard his name, 'so this is Kurokawa Izana??!' Takemichi flinch. "What did you f*ckers do to Koko!!?" Inui take his colar and want to start punch his face, "Hey there..we didn't do anything at all, he was the one who wanted to join Tenjiku in the first place right?" Inui gritted his teeth. "Let me go. Im only here to visit my brother's grave" Izana tell him, "Hold on, Inupi-kun!" Takemichi shout at him.

"Now that kokonoi is with us, i have no interest in you Inui" Izana grin, "you..." Izana making Inui angry. "That's enough Inupi-kun!" Mikey suddenly came, "Mikey-kun" Takemichi eyes widen saw Mikey with Emma.


'Unit from Hikari member saw Takemichi near at the gravefield, but why he doing at there?' Y/n nearly arrived but suddenly she fell down.

"What the f*ck!" she stand up and saw her shoes was not tied up, "why this time you f*cking shoes?!" Y/n calm herself and tied her shoes first.

She narrow her eyes and saw Takemichi with blonde hair girl walking on the streets until she saw bike was near them, "F*cking asshole? Try to hit and run from the accident, huh?" Y/n run away to them to save them before one of them was being target.

"Takemichi!!!" Y/n shouted his name but he doesn't  heard it, "tch, this time i will prevent it" Y/n saw the bike want to hit that blonde hair girl. She push her but end up bat was hit her head, "hey! Are you okay? You! Why did you do?!" Emma yelling at them

Takemichi was defend himself but he confused why his body doesn't have any harm.'Huh? What? What happened?' he heard Emma voice and turn himself around. His eyes widen when saw Emma was fine but his eyes start to flow with tears when saw Y/n body. 

'This isn't right?! Nee-san alive in future but why Nee-san was bleeding?' Takemichi shocked what happened and rush to his sister.


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