Your Older Sister Coming

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"My face its hurt as well" Takemichi touch his face that was being beat by Kiyomasa and after he met Mikey and Draken.

Takemichi sigh and start to open the door, "Takemichi, why are you late?" Takemichi flinch and look at her, "Nee-san!" Takemichi shock.

'wait, i don't know about this? Why Nee-san was in my past though?'

"Takemichi stop your daydream, i will close the door if you stay out like that" she said with her blank face, "yeah², im back" Takemichi walk in, "you should coming home early, Takemichi. Im worried about you" She looked at him.

"But Nee-san, why are you here?" Her sister raised her eyebrows, "are you idiot? I called you 10 times but you don't answer my called and Oka-san told me to taking care of you same with old man" she clicked her tongue.
"Nee-san, are you eat your medical?" Takemichi gulp scared when her sister get mad at him, "i did...maybe" she walk to kitchen and start to eat her medical while Takemichi sigh then walk to his room.

"Goodnight, Take-chan"

"Goodnight, Nee-san"

He closed the door and lied down on his bed, "how the f*ck meaning by this? But when nee-san saying that..." His face turn to pale, "shoot, if i came late home, she will find out" Takemichi facepalm.

Next day...

"Takemichi, wake up" her older sister shake him, "hmmm....5 minutes, nee-san" Takemichi continue to sleep, "if your not wake up in 5 minutes, i will..." Takemichi wake up fast and run to the bathroom.
"Don't sleep in bathroom, Take-chan!" Her sister shout, "he still same as old man" her older sister start to eat her breakfast.

"Nee-san, are you going to same school as mine?" Takemichi look at her, "yeah..." She just reply back, "ne~ Nee-san, are you give me permission to date with Hina...i mean my girlfriend" she stop her track, "what do you mean girlfriend, Take-chan?" She raised her eyebrows.

Time skip...

"I don't know she give me permission to date with Hina..." Takemichi sigh, "oi, Takemichi" Akkun called him, "you space out, you know. What do you thinking?" Akkun ask him while Takemichi rub his neck, "it's nothing".


Takemichi pov

"Naoto...i met Sano Manjiro. By coincidence, though. In order to save Hina who got caught and died in their mess, i must stop Tokyo Manji Gang's dispute. And to do that, i must prevent the two leaders of Touman from meeting each other! I somehow managed to meet one of the leader, Sano Manjirou but i have no idea what to do from now on! Preventing them from meeting is really difficult if you think about it, isn't it?" I look Infront but...

"How i want to cover this from nee-san about this? I don't know about this and it so suddenly she was in my past" 'but think about mission first before i think about Nee-san' i sigh.

"From what school are you?!"

"Don't just barge into someone school as you like!"

I heard noise at corridor and look at the door class was suddenly open, "oh, there you are", "eh?", my face turn pale, 'relax Takemichi everything is fine just fine...what the f*ck i will fine if he was in our school'.

"Let's play~~~ Takemicchi"

I look at him and saw Draken too,

"Erm, we're in middle of class..."

' This absurd!when nee-san fine out this, im going to died soon' i give them awkward smile, 'but i hope nee-san don't know about this' i pray.

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