Meet Grandma And Grandpa

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"HUH? You let him running away then you asking us where is the mall? Who the heck are you?!" Rindou hold her hand then push to the wall, "Im...nobody, what are you thinking, huh? Hurt a weak people? It doesn't make you strong at all, am i right" she smirk at them.                                        "Using weapon is not fair to have fight like that, boys...You just weak to me" she push him and make him fall, "its wrong to ask you guys direction? Waste of my time to talk with a guys like you" Y/n look at them with blank face.

"Then excuse me, im about to go" she walk away from them, "wait! We will give you direction but in one condition...i want to know all about you, is that okay?" Ran smirk. "Huh? Well then, shall we?" Rindou clicked his tongue, "are you interest in her, bro?" , "yes...she seems different from other girls".


"Here we are" Ran smile at her while Y/n just stare at the mall, "they have promotion right now" she mumbles. "What?" Rindou stare at her, "we need to hurry before promotion was out" Y/n automatically hold their both hands and went inside the mall.

'What the?!' 

'See lil bro....she interesting person'


"You guys are late to take that sweaters" Y/n glare at them, "you should thanks of us...that we got more enough things you want" Rindou glare at her back. "You just take one sweaters, brat" , "who do you think you call me brat?!" Ran look at those two then shake his head.                                 "Why are you rushing with the things like this?" Ran ask her, "because its promotion..." Y/n state. "You just like old lady buying something that old lady want..." Rindou grin, "im not old lady beside my age was near as you guys too" Y/n tell them.

Y/n look at the ice cream shop then look at them, "let's eat ice cream, i pay you two then" they went to the ice cream shop.

"What's your name?" Ran ask her, "Y/n..." she tell them her name. "First name, huh? Then, my name is Ran and this lil bro is Rindou" Ran introduce them, "nice name...why you guys beat him?" Y/n ask them blunt.                                                                                                                                                  "Should you mind your own business?" Rindou hiss her, "i just it wrong to ask, jerk!" you guys glaring at each other. "Princess sometimes you should ignore this situations, i don't want you to get involve" Ran smile at her.

Y/n rolled her eyes, " least i don't want you guys to do that anymore. Beside you guys should focus your future instead waste your times to beat hundred people" Ran and Rindou just blink on her.

'Sh*t! My face is red' The two of them blushing, 'is she worried about us?'.

"Why your face is red?" Y/n raised her eyebrows, "just eat ice cream and don't mind us" Rindou look away from her. "Tsk! im just worried about you, brat" Rindou face heat up again, "could you stop caring to us?!" Rindou blabering, "Eh? What are you talking about?" she confused.

"Princess, we busy today so thank you for pay us ice cream" Ran pat her head and take Rindou with him then they wave goodbye to her.

"It is wrong to worried about them? They just gave confusion" Y/n continue eating her ice cream.

"Her eyes seems doesn't have emotions on her" Ran spoke, "she look like a doll but i know she doesn't know how to express her feeling" Rindou tell his bro then Ran raised his eyebrows.             "Are you worried about her?" Rindou blushing, "im not..." , "eh? But your face was blushing when you talked about her" Ran grin to his lil bro.

"Shut up! Give me some space"



I go to grandma house, i'll stay there one week then i will hug my lil cute Michi.

"Grandma, im here" 

"Come in, Y/n"

I coming in to her room and saw her face was focus all on me, "what?" i shrug off. "Your face i can't detect it anymore" i face her with my blank face, "are you eat your medicine or not?" , "same as you, Y/n" we smile each other until gramps coming in.

"What's this atmosphere?" he look at us sweatdrop, "you guys should said 'i miss you!' not 'what?' or 'do you eat your medicine?' should you two change, you two looks like thugs" Gramps nagging at us. 


"So why are you calling me?" i ask grandma, "do you want to get everyone back?" Grandma stare at me. "Who? Akuma" my eyes land to the beautiful flower, "yes..." i look back at grandma serious.                                                                                                                                                                                      "How? We was separate, their locations was unknow" i sigh, "then how about you calling them with your style" gramps suggest me. "What style?" i keep thinking and suddenly came out my mind, "that style....that things we use to SOS? Emergency gangs that we can't avoid it? F*cking kidding me, do you want police caught me because im make chaos?" i raised my eyebrows.

"Police would know that the legend has come back" gramps was saying right but i don't want everyone to fuss about it, "that will make chaos, you know. But we should try to use that fireworks" i smirk.                                                                                                                                                                  "That was genius!" gramps laughing, "of course, your granddaughter always genius" im saying with proud. "You should learn how to express you feeling. Your face just looked like a doll and doesn't have expression on it" grandma agreed what gramps saying, "Its hard to express my feeling" i sigh heavy.

"Try to smile them..." i try to smile at them but their reaction turn to shock, "you shouldn't smile like that eveyone will run away when saw your smile" grandma pat my shoulder. "Do you have boyfriends?" i shrug, "boyfriends? i don't have beside i don't know what is love and its just like cringe to me when heard that" im being honest.                                                                                                    "Dear, what you understand about love in relationship?" grandma want me to give her answer, "love is fake to me and love is death. Betrayal with love is hurt and pain, when its come to love its mean trust, loving and happiness but to me when its come to love its mean death, fake and betray someone you loved. They will play with your feeling instead they show their true love to you" i give them my answer, they look at me with jawdrop.

"Damn...You look like someone i know when its come to love" gramps facepalm, "its seem you already tired. You should take a rest" grandma suggest me. I nod and walk out from her room then walk to my room, 

'why they face like that, huh?'.  I'll keep thinking...                                                                                                                                                 

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