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"Today is Festival....i don't like crowded everywhere around me beside it will raining this night" I look at the sky.                                                                                                                                                              "Mrs. Hanagaki can you help me to pick some paper on my office" i nod to the teacher and went to the office.


"Takemichi, don't come home late!"

"Okay, nee-san!"

I watch Takemichi walk out then i sigh heavily, "can't interrupt their lovey dovey" i sit on sofa then watch the tv until i realize i forgot to tell him to bring umbrella, "he will buy one on convenient store" i look at the clock, "relax he will be okay" i calm myself.

Tick! Tick! Tick!

I woke up from deep sleep and stretching my body, "i fell asleep" i yawn and go to Takemichi room but he still doesn't coming home right now, "what time is it?" i watch the clock...

"For f*cking sake! He promise to coming home earlier now but stupid me, how he will get home if outside was f*cking raining" i slam my face on the wall, "but still i want to look after him" I wear my raining clothes and walk out.


"I can't found him everywhere...." i mumble to myself, i went to the back festival the place has lot parking, my eyes blink when saw police was caught the kids.

"What happened here...Takemichi..."

My legs just moved my body and went to the police, "Sir, can i ask you? Why this kids was being caught?" i ask the policeman, "ouh...there was fighting with another gangs but one of the gangs was running away so we just caught one of this gangs" i thank the police and walk away before he saying why i ended up here from them 

First of all, i call Takemichi but....he doesn't answer it.

"That stupid kid" i calm myself first and call his friend, Akkun.


"Ouh! Hello, senpai"

"do you know where is Takemichi?"

The call was silent when i asking that...

"He was with me, senpai"

"Could you not lied to me, kid. I think i heard someone crying"

"We're at the hospital, right now. Our friends was being stab by someone but that person who stab our friends got caught by police, so don't worri-"

I end the call and run to the hospital...

"I'll kill them if he touch or hurt my brother"


I arrived at the hospital but my track was stop when i saw the gang bickers, "Toman? Ouh, that was the topics Takemichi and his friends talked about" i look at them, "i don't want to get involve by this but i will keep being like Oka-san" i take a breath and walk infront of them to get to the hospital entrance.

'Im sorry, Oka-san...its for my sake'

"Hey, why she look like that kid with blond hair?"

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