Happy Ending Doesn't Exist

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"Nee-san, please wake up...Don't die" Takemichi begging her, "Mikey..."Emma saw Mikey looked at Takemichi crying. "What happened?" Mikey ask him, "a bike suddenly came and about to hit Emma but Nee-san push her...end up she got hit" Takemichi crying again.

"It was Kisaki" Takemichi gritted his teeth, Izana eyes widen when saw Emma was alive. "Well...i don't know that he has a sister" Izana grin and  them. "Takemitchi! Get her up here" Mikey give her piggyback, "Mikey..." he wipes his tears and nod it.

"Don't worry, Takemitchi. We'll be reaching the hospital soon" Takemichi hold his tears, 'hang in there, Nee-san!!! I beg you just don't leave me!!' Takemichi wipes his tears. "Take-chan?" Y/n woke up, "Nee-san!! Please hang in there!!" Takemichi crying. 

"Takemichi, i can't...move my body" Emma hold her tears when saw Y/n in that state, "Oh yeah....there was a bike...i gladly save your friends, Takemichi. Its okay, your sister is strong..." Y/n was about to hold her pain but she know is about her time. " Ne~ Takemichi, if grandma, gramps and my friends saying where's me...just told them i will come back" Y/n tears flowing down.

Y/n clench Mikey jacket, "Ne~blonde hair....please take care of Takemichi for me. I know he such a crybaby but thanks for being his friends and stay by his side" Y/n smiling, "Nee-san, stay for me! Please don't leave me!! Please!!" Takemichi yelling at her.

Y/n take her last breath until her hands was falling down, Takemichi stop his track when saw Y/n like that. He touch her sister body was cold, "Takemitchi, are Y/n-" Takemichi burst into crying. Emma crying and touch his brother hand, "Mikey...she's gone" she sniff, Mikey eyes widen and looked at Takemichi then hug him.


Takemichi was sit outside , "i couldn't doing that but Nee-san......Nee-san" Takemichi hold his tears, "i couldn't help Nee-san even heard her problems...i couldn't prevent her dead but its so suddenly that she gone infront my eyes" Takemichi crying.

"Takemichi..." Hina eyes widen when saw Y/n cold body laying, "Y/n-senpai....."


"Oi, Hina!" Y/n called her, "yes, Y/n senpai" Hina looked at her was staring at the view of the night sky. "If i were gone, please look at Takemichi for me. I don't know why iam saying this but we don't know our future so i will tell you early like this" Hina just staying in silent.

"If i died because helping someone or i'll died protecting someone, please stay by his side....i tell you this because i know your future with Takemichi will be bright than mine" Y/n laughing, her first laughter that making Hina sad.

"But senpai don't die! If you die Takemichi will crying" Hina pout, "pfft...he such a crybaby" Y/n and Hina continue to laughing.


"I don't know that this will happened to you, Y/n senpai but im promised that i will always staying by his side" Hina wipes his tears and went out, "Takemichi....." Takemichi can't answer it after her sister was gone that will make him more traumatize. Until someone pat his head, "You know...Y/n was kind than others we know" Scarlet spoke to him.

"Even she act like mother but she still have kind heart to stay with us. But i don't know why? Our last met starting to be gone" Scarlet eyes watery, "But still Y/n doesn't want you to give up with your life and what you gonna do is starting now...Y/n will be happy if she saw her brothers have happy life that she wanted too...Takemichi, you're strong, go help with your gangs...me and Hina will stay here...." Takemichi sniff and stand up. He wipes his tears, 'no matter what i will achieve that dream for Nee-san' he hug Hina and leaving them behind.

"Well...i heard your conversation with Sano and his tall friends. You begging and told them Takemichi secret, right"Scarlet face Hina, "you heard it...." Hina looked on the ground and start to told her about Takemichi time leaps.

'Im sorry, Takemichi...i'll do double mistake'


"What's going on?"

"Hey, it's getting late isn't it?"

"Did Tenjiku mess us up again?"

"What are they up to now?"

"Chifuyu! Have you tried contacting Mikey-kun" Akkun ask Chifuyu, "no use, he won't answer my call" Chifuyu tell him. "Takemitchi too...wonder if something happened" Akkun worried, they suddenly heard Inui bike was coming to them.

"Oi, Inui! We're is Mikey and others" Baji went to him,"Inui-kun!" Chifuyu and others shock, "where's Takemitchi? Why isn't he with you?" Chifuyu ask him. "Something bad happened...." Chifuyu and others eyes widen, "What do you mean by that, Inui?" Baji confused.

"Takemichi sister was in accident...." Inui stop his words and can't tell them, "she died in accident while save Mikey sister...." Baji clench his fist and pull Inui collar. "What the f*ck, do you mean she died?" Inui sigh, "she died after got hit by Kisaki" Inui told him. Baji realese his collar....


Chifuyu look at Mikey and Draken, Baji pulled him and whisper to him , "Chifuyu go take Takemitchi" Baji hand his key bike, Chifuyu nod and start to move now.


Takemichi was out from hospital, his heart still in pain. He heard bike sound and look infront of him was Chifuyu.

"Chifuyu..." Takemichi shock, "get on, the whole gang has start the fight now" Chifuyu tell him, he just nod and step on the bike.

Chifuyu start driving to Tenjiku hideout, "im sorry, Takemitchi when heard...." Chifuyu just stop and give Takemichi relax his minds, "i failed to protect her, Chifuyu...i don't know but its only sudden that she gone and leaving me behind" Takemichi hold his tears. "Y/n will hit you on your head if you like this..." Chifuyu tell him, "even she's gone that doesn't mean she want you to be like this, Takemichi" Chifuyu smile.

"She want you to be happy even without her presence...i can tell her she was like that" Takemichi smile at him, "you know, you was kind man partner" Takemichi feel energy inside him. "Nah even im kind im not like you Takemitchi" Chifuyu chuckle.


"You know, Scarlet...i want to get revenge for Y/n" Sachiko spoke behind her, "Y/n died because of him...i want to crush him" Yuki gritted his teeth. "Do you remember what Y/n saying before she went to met Takemichi, her last words?" Mimosa looked at the ocean, "her last words...."helping people if they was in trouble, i want our Yakuza era was different and help people out there who want need our hand...And i want us to be police force on this Yakuza era...Akuma is my treasure, i hope you guys stay by my side even our members in dangerous we should help them out" " Misaki told them.

"She have such lovely dream, isn't it" Hikari smile, "she's our boss even she was like a doll but still she has feeling and great sense to be leader" Himiko laugh. "The we should help Toman this time...since Takemichi was there, should we greet him properly and kinda shoot that foul eyes assholes" Scarlet smirk.

"We just getting ready to crush him before someone does" 

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