Pass out from Fever?

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"Nee-san, why your face suddenly not red? Are your fever got down?" Takemichi spoke, "huh? My fever got down when Take-chan worried about me" Takemichi face turn to red while Hina giggle between their siblings relationship.

Y/n take out her phone but suddenly someone message her,

"Y/n, why are you not home?"

"Ouh, wait! Oka-san was at home, right now?!"

"Yeah, don't worry. I will waited for you and Takemichi😘"

"I will go to home, right now but Takemichi was meeting with his friends. You don't mind it, right?"

"Sure~~~at least, he will come home🤗"

"Okay, i will see you there. Bye"

"Bye², my coldness Y/n😘"

"Who is that, Nee-san?" Takemichi asking her, "it's mom. I will go back home, after you finish your meeting don't get late kay" He nod and stare at her sister walk away.

"Even your sister has a fever, she was quite strong for a girl" Hina giggle, "yeah, actually Nee-san always protected me when we were kids" Takemichi rub his head.


"Oka-san, im home!" Y/n close the door and looked at her mother, she narrow her eyes and saw old man, "I don't know, old man was here?" Y/n till her head.
"Hey! Im your father, okay" Her father shrug that off while her mother chuckle, "Y/n dear, are you has a fever? Your face was getting red than before" her mother worried.

She just stare at her blankly and her breath when to stop...

Y/n pov

I stare at my mother words, 'yeah, when i was rushing to here. It's hard to breath, my lungs was hurt. My eyes start blurry' when i realized that i fell down and suddenly pass out.

"Y/nnn!!!!" My eyes close and just heard their yelling my name.


"Uh? Where am i?" I open my eyes and saw white ceiling, i look around saw Takemichi was sleep beside my bed, "tch, i force my body and ended up pass out for a while" i clicked my tongue when i realize that.

"Takemichi..." I call his name and he suddenly woke up, "Nee-san, don't scare me like that" his eyes began to cry. I pat his head, "im sorry, Takemichi. I don't know that i force my body and it turn like this" i looked around and turn to him.

"Where is Oka-san and old man?" I ask Takemichi, "they went to buy some food, i will call doctor. Wait for here, Nee-san" Takemichi was going out then i sigh.
"My making them worried" the door start to open, 'wow, Takemichi. It's surely fast...i think you get out from room in 1 minutes, i think'.

The doctor looked at me and give me death glare, "relax, uncle. See, im alright than before" i stare at him then he sigh, "you looked awful, Y/n. When you have a fever, just going to hospital! It's not hard!" He yell at me.

'This is why i don't like getting sick at all'

I close my ear from my uncle lecture...

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