I Just Save That Guy

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"You stupid long hair boy!" i clicked my tongued and hold his knifes, "what a stupid brain of yours, long hair boy. You shouldn't do that, if you want to kill yourself like that just jump on the building, Your body will scatter with the blood flowing on you" i smirk. 

'I think my words will make him angry'

"Who the f*ck are you?" long hair boy ask me, "im nobody to you" i take his knifes and keep away from him. "Your friends will sad if you die on this young body, die when your old enough and have family that take care of your family name" i whisper to him.                                               
"You looked in pain..." i stare at him.


'Who the hell are she? Suddenly appear infront of me and being casual to me just like we're friends' i stare at the girl with blank face, 'she looks like a doll'.

"Should you care about yourself first? Why a girls like you ended up here?" I gritted my teeth to hold my pain, "eh? Why i should worried about myself? I should worried about you since you bleeding to much, i bet you holding your pain..." My ears start to red, 'beside my mom, I don't know  a girls like her worried about me'.

"Tch! Whatever..." I looked away from her face but i felt she was sad when looking at me like this, "then i should treat you before you go to hospital?" I sigh and just nod it.

She hold my shoulder and take out the bandage, "i should bandage you to stop the bleeding" she whisper to me and start bandage me. Everyone just stare at her until she finish her treatment, "police will coming in 5 minutes...i hope you get well soon" she tell us.

She take out the flour and throw to the ground. I cough and look infront but she was suddenly disappear without trace.

'Is she ninja or something'


"Phew! I manage to run away from them" Y/n wipe her sweat, "gramps was genius afterall using flour to escape from grandma. I don't know this techique was useful " she mumble to herself. "But at least he safe from blood lost" she return to her grandma house, 'I will scold Takemichi because of this but i do understand why he doing that'.



"Oi Baji...do you know her?"Draken ask him while give him favourite food, Pehyoung Yakisoba, "do you think i know her? She suddenly appear infront of me then disappear like ninja" Baji eat his Pehyoung. "She just like know Takemitchi" Mitsuya spoke and look at Takemichi getting his nerves off, "Eh? She know Takemitchi! That's weird because Takemichi has girlfriend or....." Mikey smirk at him.                                                                                                                                                       "Are she your second girlfriend, Takemichi?" Takemichi shock when heard that while Chifuyu burst laughter, "Are you cheating on Hina?!" Emma interrupt. "What? NO!!!!" Takemichi face heat up, "cheating what?" Hina confused.

"Takemichi just cheating on you" Draken grin, "cheating? I don't think Takemichi will cheating on me" Hina being honest. "What? Are you serious? You don't believe us right" Emma shake Hinata.                                                                                                                                                                             "Stop Emma-chan...If you saw other girls worried about Takemichi, its was..." Hinata remember what Y/n told her earlier, "do not tell everyone about me kay, Hina-chan...". Hinata shake her head, "its was nothing...." Hinata shut her secret between Takemichi sister while Takemichi sigh in relief.

'But! How Hina know Nee-san?'

"Eh? Even Hina-chan doesn't want us know about her" Emma pout, "Who are she?" Baji ask her. "Just someone Takemichi care about her...But its secret" Hinata smile at them, "it is your siblings Takemichi?" Draken smirk.

Takemichi turn to pale, 'Sh*t! I can't cover this up! Im sorry Nee-san, please forgive me'. Takemichi crying while praying, "dude! Your face is obvious that they know you have older sister!" Chifuyu tell them. "Eh? Oops, Takemitchi im sorry about that...." Chifuyu pat his shoulder, "you just make my life insane!" Takemichi sniff.

"WAIT! You have what!"

"Older sister!"

"Then girl that help Baji was your older sister!"

They shocked...


"You have older sister...why didn't you tell us?" Mikey ask Takemichi, "Nee-san doesn't like someone know about her and she doesn't like crowded people around her..." Takemichi rub his head. "Is she pretty, Hina-chan?!" Emma eyes sparklling, "That... its secret" Hinata smile, Emma heard that then pout.

"I want to thank you to her for saving my ass after three days i woke up" Baji ears red, "i will delivery your message to nee-san!" Takemichi smile. "Kei....Who's saving you?" his mom suddenly came out, "its just...." , "its Takemitchi sister, aunty" Baji mother crying when heard that.                  

"Mom! Are you okay?!" Baji worried, "Aunty, are you okay? Do you want glass of water?" Baji mother wipes her tears. "I want to thank her and i want to look her face..Im really happy that she saves my only son that i loved him most" his mother still crying.                                                                                       

"Its welcome..." Y/n give handkerchief to Baji mother, "im just want to visit my brat little brother but suddenly saw someone injured so i'll help him before he do something stupid with double stupid of his brain" Y/n voice was threatening, "But miss Baji, i don't know that i saw you today.....And i don't know that was your stu- i mean your son" Y/n cover her words.

'She's scary, i bet Takemichi always get scolded by her' Their gulp and just keep their mouth silent.

GUYS! Im sorry for my grammar...And thanks for reading my book! Imma really appreciate it><

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