Takemichi was in hospital?!

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Y/n pov

I went to groceries to buy something to cook, but my mind just thinking about Takemichi, "i want to know, why Takemichi being like that?" I sigh and walk out from groceries shop.


I called Hina and want to speak with her, "ne~Hina....is something wrong with that Takemichi?" I ask her, "I don't know...why?" Hina ask me under phone, "it's nothing, im just asking you how your day with Takemichi?" And my words it came out of blue.

I ended my phone and facepalm, "why are you so stupid, Y/n?" I looked at Takemichi rooms, "hmmmmmmmm" i smirk and want to look in Takemichi room, "huh? His room was clean...damn! I don't know that he know how to clean his room" i stare at his room blankly.

'Nothing special at all'

I groan and close his door.

"Lets cooking something special" i went to kitchen and start cooking my new recipes.

I wait for Takemichi and it's late, 'where the f*ck, he's going' i tap my finger on table.
"Im worried about him" im take my medicine and start to eat it, "okay...im calm down, just wait...he will coming home, right now" i wait until im in deep sleep.

Ring! Ring! Ring!

"Shut your-" i get up from sofa, "Takemichi!" I walk to his room but his present nothing, "im getting sick of this" i sigh.

My phone suddenly ringing, i take out and saw Hina called me. I raised my eyebrows, 'i think im called her yesterday and she called me just now? It's something happened?'.

I answer the called and my eyes widen when Hina told me that Takemichi was in hospital.

'what the- it's not time to getting mad of him. Just how the f*ck he was in hospital?!'

Im rushing and close the door faster then running to hospital.
Im in hurried went to counter, "where is the room that name's Hanagaki Takemichi?" I ask the nurse. She told me the room number is and im rushing.

'tsk! Yare~im hungry. Before that, how the f*ck, i wanted to tell Oka-san and old man about this'

I found his room and saw Hina, "Hina?" I stare with my blank face, "Y/n senpai?" She shock and looked at you.

'why not she shocked about me, looked at me wearing long skirt, my hair tied with low ponytail but its messy and i wearing blouse just like tshirt... I don't know with simple shoes. Am i like mother or something?'

I pat her head and open the door...

No one pov

Hina saw Y/n and stare at Y/n with her shocked expression then giggle, 'i think, Y/n senpai was Takemichi mother' .
Y/n pat her head and open the door, they walking to Takemichi bed but heard someone crying, they raised their eyebrows.

Hina walk and latch the curtain, she saw Emma was crying on Takemichi tight, "Takemichi-kun, are you okay?" She shocked, "Wait, what?! That's disgusting!" Hina hold the curtain.
Y/n went to them and glare at Takemichi as well, Takemichi looked at her older sister and gulp.

Y/n eyes landed to Emma, she making face, 'who the f*ck is she?' .

"Huh? What are you..." Hina still hold the curtain, Takemichi look where Hina look at, "i-it's not what it looks like, Hina! Nee-san! Th-th-th-th-this isn't-"

Time Skippu~~~

'It's already August 1st. Touman split in two. At this rate, there's really going to be an internal conflict like Osanai said. And on August 3rd, Draken's gonna die. And here iam, hurt and stuck convalescing'

Takemichi finished his puzzle, "sweet" , 'I got so bored that i finished a 2,500-piece puzzle! What a worthless of accomplishment. After that day, Nee-san start throwing me a chair on me. And nurse stop her'. Takemichi sigh remember when her older sister got mad at him.

Takemichi heard someone come in his room, "what? You're already out of the hospital?" Yamagushi ask him, "how are we supposed to talk to hot nurse now?" Suzuki spoke nonsense.

"Are you sure you're okay? Aren't you supposed to be in bed?" Akkun worried, "yeah, kinda" Takemichi smile awkward.
"Ouh about that...." Suzuki smirk at Takemichi, "what?" Takemichi confused, "ouh that...." Takuya smile while Yamagushi stop playing his things.

"Takemichi, who is she?" Takemichi confused again, "what she?" Takemichi till his head, "i mean, a woman in your house...is she your mother?" Akkun ask him while Takemichi just laughing.
"Dude, that's not my mother. That's my older sister" Takemichi told them, "what?! That hot girl is your older sister!" Suzuki yell at him.

"Who's hot girl, you guys talking about?" Y/n stare at them with her cold eyes, "urmmm.... nothing" Yamagushi and Suzuki rub his head.
"You don't tell me that your older sister coming home" Akkun spoke, "sorry..." Takemichi rub his head.

"Ouh, you finished your puzzle. Good job, Take-chan" his sister pat his head, "are you already ate your medicine?" Y/n ask him, "i already ate it, Nee-san" Y/n looking at Akkun.
"Akkun...thanks for taking care of him while im away" Akkun blushing, "y-yeah, he's my friend so friend help each other" Akkun shutter.

Takemichi stare at his friend, "did you find anything out about Mikey-kun or Draken-kun?" Takemichi ask them, "huh? Uh, yeah. Sorta...." Akkun told him and Takemichi looked away, "so things are bad?" While Y/n watching them and sigh.

"The h*ll's this?" Suzuki looked at Takemichi puzzle, "dude, how many pieces is this puzzle?" Yamagushi join in too.
"Maybe you can move this piece here" Suzuki wanted to touch but Takemichi yelling at him, "Don't touch that! That took me three days to finish!" Y/n wanted to laugh but she can't, you know due to her she not know how to laugh.

"What? Damn, you must be bored" they sweatdrop, "what was i supposed to do? I was told to stay in bed and Nee-san give me this to stay out from bored" Takemichi told them.
"Take-chan, if you want some help called me in my room, okay" Takemichi nod and Y/n get out from his room, "dude, your older sister is beautiful" , "yeah, I can't imagine it" Takemichi glared at them, "stay away from my older sister" they shocked.

'Wow! What an overprotective younger brother'.

To be continued...

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