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"So..... Takemichi why your face like that?" i face him, "this i suddenly trip on the rock" i raised my eyebrows. "Two times you lied to me plus this is three times" Takemichi look on the ground then i sigh, "who did this?" i ask him again.                                                                                                            "Its someone i know....."he rub his neck, "i heard from Akkun that you replace Third captain for a while in your gangs" i take the glass and place the water. " afraid that Nee-san will mad at me if-" , "i don't mad at you but im worried about you, Take-chan. You should take care of yourself but you always making me worried" I shake my head and give him glass of water.

"Im sorry, Nee-san" he apologize, "but i will get myself into danger..." his eyes was confidence then i pat his head. "Sometimes you should learn how to fight, Takemichi" i chuckle to him, he just looked at me with his eyes widen.                                                                                                                  "You should smile like that...its nice" my cheeks turn to pink then i cough, "ehem...Don't forget that event....i mean, you should visit granma and gramps in Happy New Years after we finishing our praying" i wave at him.

"Where Nee-san going?"

"To buy some ingredients for a cake" 


"Oi, Takemitchi!" Baji called him beside him was Chifuyu, "Yo! Takemitchi" Chifuyu smile at him. "Should we go somewhere, i wanted to talk about something important" Chifuyu suggest, "hmmm....i wanted too but my mom called me to go home earlier so you two should go by yourself" Baji wave at them and leave.                                                                                                                      "Baji...sure, worried about her mom" Takemichi spoke, "yeah...after that accident, he promised to his mom that he won't do anything stupid like that and he would study hard for exam next years" Chifuyu told him.



"Nice bike isn't it" Chifuyu touch his bike, "Baji asked Draken to fix this bike for me...he was kind guy" he smile while Takemichi just remember something that his mind was came out that Chifuyu dead because of him. "Chifuyu...i get it. You're gonna tell me not to take on All this by myself, right? Even Baji was safe by Nee-san..." his words stop for a while.

'But the future i saw was way too awful'

"I know you wanna say my friends are here for me!!! But!" Takemichi hold his tears, 'Akkun...Baji...And You! You guys end up dead...That's why...I have to!!' he looked on the ground. "Haha. I didn't bring you here to say that man" Chifuyu laughing while Takemichi was confused, " saying earlier to talk something important right?... i just want to take you here and have fun with this, all right?" he smile at Takemichi.

"Baji-san didn't leave Toman to you and he saying to me that he wanted to stress you out" Chifuyu told him, "Thanks to you and your sister that Baji-san was alive now. He would be mad at you and saying "cheer the f*ck up, shittymitchi"" Chifuyu tell him.                                                       

"Chifuyu....I....!" he hold his tears while bite his lips.



I told him about how i went to the past on the day i died. How i joined Toman to save Hina from dying then Nee-san. How i could only go back 12 years from the present day.

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