Boss Lil Brother

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"I haven't had this much fun in a while" Kisaki sigh when told them about his feeling, "can i last thing?" Kisaki smile. "Earlier...i said that i didn't think Baji was alive" Chifuyu and Takemichi was confused. "I don't think that woman was mess up with my plan...always interrupt my plan!" Kisaki told them.


"I used Kazutora to kill Baji but that woman saved him alive" he gritted his teeth, "and now my target was to kill her before i continue my plan" Takemichi shock what he heard about his sister until they feel dizzy and pass out.


"He using drug on their wine" Yuki glaring at him outside the window that she was hiding behind the wall , "we should attack before he doing something ridiculous" Yuki looked at them.


Takemichi woke up then gasp, 'Im in the same room...I can't move?!' Takemichi struggle.                'What is going on here...?!'

"What the hell?!"

"Takemitchi" Chifuyu called him.

"Chifuyu!!" Takemichi shock saw Chifuyu was being beaten, "what the...why are you all f*cked up?!" Takemichi yelling at him.                                                                                                                                        "You certainly were out for a long time...Hanagaki" Kisaki smirk, "Chifuyu Matsuno. You were always a thorn in my side. You've always held a grudge toward me...since the incident twelve years ago even Baji was still alive. Can't you just forget it..." Kisaki spoke up.

Kisaki kick Chifuyu stomach, "stop it! Kisaki!" Takemichi yelling at him. "Just admit it already. You're the one who ratted out Toman, aren't you?! Damn it" Kisaki still kick his again. "You picked a shitty reason to tattle to the cops and cooperate with her" Kisaki told him what he doing behind his back.

"No!! The police are just out of control!! I was just trying to get you out of Toman with her help" Chifuyu protest, "How long are you and that woman gonna chase...You and her are smallminded bastard" Kisaki stare at him.  "You killed Baji-san! Do you think i didn't know that you killed him because he quit Toman?! He doesn't do anything wrong!" Chifuyu gritted his teeth, "Toman's gone rotten. I just wanted to change that...Kisaki, It's just like you said...Im the snitch. Takemitchi's got nothing to do with this!! If she's know this, she will killed you!" Chifuyu panting.

'Chifuyu, don't tell me that you've cooperate with Nee-san with this but where's Nee-san?!'  Takemichi looked at Chifuyu, "Hey! I get decide to...whether he's involved or not" Kisaki ignore and take the gun. "Hey, Hanagaki" Kisaki called him out, "why have you been you're not connected to this at all?" Takemichi confused what he saying until Kisaki shot his legs and making him screaming in pain.

"I said Takemitchi had nothing to do with this!! He doesn't know a goddamn thing!" Chifuyu tell Kisaki, "shut the hell up. We're friends, right?" Kisaki comb his hair using his hand.


"We should attack, he shot boss lil bro! I command, i will attack now" Yuki flinch when heard gunshot, "F*cking! Damn it!" Yuki shoot the lights when she saw a man was save Takemichi. "Who the f*ck, are he?" she retreat while glance Chifuyu death body.

' f*cking terrible when cames to save people' she cursing.


"Takemichi was found" Naoto tell Hikari, "eh? So fast..." Hikari kick the rock. "We should see him now...i want to talk him before you pass him with the investigate cases" Hikari take her lolipop and shove the lolipop to her mouth. "But i will caught him...Asakusa-san you just stay here" Naoto tell her while she just nod it.

'As soon i get to see him...' Hikari heard her phone was ringing, she looked the contact name was Yuki. 

"What do you want? I have job to do" Hikari yawn, "my mistake...One of boss lil brother friends was died by that foul man" Yuki hiss on the phone. "should you stop him?" , "i stop him because my careless.....its too late to save him from that shot" Yuki was desperately fail to save Chifuyu.                                                                       


"Yo! Hanagaki Takemichi, Y/n little Bro" Hikari take out off her lolipop then she sit infront of him, "why i get caught? And how did you know Nee-san?" Takemichi asked her. "Hmmmmm...i know your sister because we're childhood friends. turn to this was hard to explain. Tachibana-san will investigate to you about that cases" Hikari smile at him.

"Then wh-" , "i have reason to meet you...Takemichi-kun, you remember your grandparents?" Takemichi nod. Hikari sigh heavily, "your grandparents died along with Tachibana Hinata...Your sister was angry and sad at the same time when she heard that news until she fine out who killed them all...The cases was complicated to me, Toman was bigger then i expected. One of the Toman member, Baji Keisuke was murderer. He got killed bruttaly" Hikari handed the paper cases to him.

"His mother died after she heard her son news...If you want to know about this cases just talked to Tachibana-san...Well, i join this investigation but i want to check out Baji Keisuke murdered files" Hikari wave to him.


"How's Takemichi?" Y/n stare outside the window, her long black hair was sway by the air, "he was shot by Kisaki on his legs and his friends, Chifuyu was died being shot by him" Sachiko tell her. Y/n stand up from her sit and grab the gun, "should we shoot him?" Y/n point the gun on Kisaki head, "tsk! You damn woman" Y/n stare him with her normal face that she always used.    "Doll like you just die isn't?" Kisaki spit his blood, "doll like me was death to you. I just got my revenge to killed you, you shot my lil bro and my fiance" Y/n tell him.


"Yuki kidnapped Kisaki. Boss want to meet him" Sachiko told her, "kay..." Yuki looked Takemichi was gone after he just save by unknown man. She shot Kisaki assistant and punch Kisaki stomach hard, "this is for you, killed our boss fiance" Yuki retreat and take the glance Chifuyu.

"Im sorry, Chifuyu"


Y/n hold her tears then shoot his head, "Throw his body into the sea...just do not get caught even i don't want police to get involve by this" Sachiko nod and Y/n leave the room.

"Takemichi....You're different. You were hiding something for me..." She went to the garden, "Forgive Takemichi, i fail to be your older sister...." Y/n tears was flowing to her cheek and remember her fiance.

"Ahhhh...i told you to give this stupid plan to me, Chifuyu. Then i lost you...You save Takemichi but you died because of that scumbag" Y/n crying harder.



"Just where is Takemichi, right now?" Y/n sigh heavily after she finish cooked.

"Sometimes he was different from his age...are he has two side personality?" Y/n think then shake her head, "nah...that idiot Takemichi desn't have that personality" she nod by herself.

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