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Name : Hanagaki Y/n
Age : 15 years old
School : Mizo middle school
Class : 3A

Hair : Black hair
Eyes : Blue eyes

Hobbies : Reading, music, cleaning, cooking, like to research about gangs information (if she have time), hack something
Like: Martial arts, new recipes for her cooking, shopping to buy important things such as food, kitchen things and more, being alone
Dislike : Annoying people...

Personality : Calm, quite, no have emotion on her face, intelligence,
+ Y/n has a bad temper so it's her routine to ate her medical to calm her ass down before she making more trouble.

Gangs : she have a gangs a long time ago when she was 6 years old, she create it to help people out there. The gangs name is AKUMA...
AKUMA was for girl delinquents and has 900 member even she was a kids with other member but the older respect her so their royal to Y/n. Beside her grandmother want her to take care of her gangs so that why she learning eralier about criminal world.

After Y/n was 10 years old, she desite to split Akuma...

"What the heck, Y/n! Are you desite to split this gangs!"

"We succed to control all Tokyo placed!"

"We should split for ourselves and others....Akuma will coming back after 5 years..."

"You split and coming back after 5 years? What the-"

"We should...our parents has worried about us...and i know your exam was failed"


"That' did you know?"

"I know all of you, besides i am your boss"

"Fine²...we desite to split Akuma and come back after 5 years"


"Yeah... Iam promise"


"Akuma was yakuza gangs afterall"


Sorry for my grmmar, my first language was not english. So i hope you guys enjoy your reading!

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