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Takemichi and Chifuyu has arrived at Tenjiku hideout, they saw Mikey and Izana was fighting while the others finished the rest, "wow, Mikey is strong" Takemichi jaw drop, "that's our prez" Chifuyu smirk.

"This fight was mess" they flinch and turn around saw blonde hair girl with red eyes near them, "Nee-san's friends? What are you doing here?" Takemichi ask her. Scarlet ruffle his hair, "of course...i want to beat their ass" Scarlet smirk.
"Huh? Are you kidding me? A girl shouldn't be here" Chifuyu warn her, "dude, should you respect your senior who's older than you" Scarlet yawn while stretch her back. "This is for Y/n...sometimes we should act like this but sometimes not..." Scarlet look at them fight.

"But...hey, i bought my friends though" Scarlet grin, they shock when saw Akuma was behind her coming out one by one. "Takemichi, we help you and your gangs...and we're not weak, y'know" Scarlet pat his head.


"AAAHHHHHH!" blue hair boy, Angry was in pain when Rindou broke his legs, "That's what i want to hear!" Rindou grin evilly. "You're enjoying this" while Ran smirk at him, "I've busted his right arm and his left leg. He's nothing now" Rindou laugh when look Angry suffer in pain, "And the next one is? Just you left, Hakkai!" Ran smirk at him.
"How do you want to beat you up?" Rindou start to make Hakkai broke his arms, "Yep, this is good" , "stop!!!" Angry shouted at them.

"Thats unfair" Angry looking at them beat Hakkai, 'At this rate, Hakkai will died!!!' Angry snapped.

"Uu...uuweeeeeh, pwease stop dis awready you dumies" he crying harder, "Uh...are you serious?" Ran stare at him weird, "ew..." while Rindou laugh awkard.


"Angry is just a nice beating someone up is not his thing, you know?" Smiley tell Mitsuya about his twin brother, "haha...well, thats just how he is, huh" Mitsuya spoke. "But you know once he starts crying, it'll get different. He's got his limits, the "ogre' comes out. During 4th year of elementary school, i got ganged up by 10 middle school kids. When Angry saw that, he started crying...the next thing i knew all those middle schoolers ended up in the hospital, seriously injured" Smiley tell hi more while Mitsuya shock when heard that.

"Ever since that, i made him promise me that he'll never cry again"


"You guys went too far,I'm sorry big brother...i broke the promise..." Angry stand up and  suddenly became different person, "what's with him..." , "i just broke his leg, how is he standing" their eyes widen when look at him walk in fine.


"The crying blue ogre, he is 100 times stronger than me" 


"Tsk!" Peh was pant harder, "their too many..." he wipe his sweat. "Oi! Don't let your guard down!" one of Tenjiku member want to kick him but suddenly someone return his kick, "hah! You're weak...want to fight" Hikari chuckle at him. She turn her back and face Peh, "You shouldn't let your guard down, you know....but their were too weak to me" she whine and lend her hand to him.

"Oi! Pe-!?" Baji eyes widen when saw a girl was here, "What the! What are you doing here?!" he yell at Hikari, "Huh?! Do i care if i were here" Hikari reply back to him. "Well...are you Baji Keisuke?" a girl appear beside him, his eyes widen and scream, "Who the f*ck are you? Suddenly appear like that?!" Baji calm his heart down.


"Oi, Mikey!" Mikey glance at Draken, "did you felt weird now....i saw many girls join this fight" Izana heard him saying and look around. "Huh? That's weird...i think i don't know that gangs joining us fight" he grin widely, "Tsk! Wha-" , "Ne~if Y/n saw this useless fight doesn't end...she end up interrupt your guys fight" Scarlet smirk beside Mikey.

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