Bad Luck And Gangs Again

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"Y/n-chan!!!Why are their many works to do?" Sachiko whine while Y/n just focus on her document, "even im saying that Akuma came back, that doesn't mean you just staying around without do anything. You should memorize this before i give you job when in your future, now Grandma will replace me until i come to 18. I will replace her back for my boss duty even its hard" Y/n tell her.

"But this paper is hard to memorize Y/n!!!" she groan and hit her face on the table, "if i give you your favourite desert will you memorize it?" Y/n ask her. "Sure~~~As long desert will energies me to memorize this paper" Sachiko smile at her while Y/n sigh then stand up and go to the kitchen.

"Im home!!!" Takemichi take his shoes, "Yo! Takemichi" Sachiko wave at him. "Why are you here,Yamamoto-san?" Takemichi ask her, "just do some school project with your sister" Sachiko answer cheerfully and narrow her eyes on Takemichi was wet with rain.

'I don't know why she happy to see me but its kinda scary' Takemichi sweatdrop, "then i will go to my room" , "okay~~~" Sachiko smile at him make Takemichi flinch then walk away from her. "You shouldn't scare him like that Sachiko" Y/n glare at her, "You two such overprotective siblings,i'll just tease him a little or smile like a dumb" Y/n facepalm.

'Why i agreed to do this on my house?'


"Nee-san friends is scary and my plan want to asked Nee-san was failed" Takemichi frown, "but! I will ask her when her friends has leave" Takemichi saw his bright future. 

"I will ask Nee-san about.....about....studies overseas first what she doing there or maybe she has business like gangs. But that make me lost of thought if Nee-san ask something that my brain will make me blank" Takemichi groan, "why Nee-san was hard to read?! I just want to help her....But her future kinda scary. She was Boss of Yakuza, Akuma and known as The Queen Of Villainess, Naoto told me Nee-san was top wanted criminal but that tittle was dropped since she worked with police in the future" Takemichi whisper to himself but still amazed with his sister.

"Nee-san kinda cool, she was strong woman but she always hide her feelings, pain and problems just like Mikey...its kinda make me sad because i started to know Nee-san true self" Takemichi become moody.


"Nee-san can come in!" Takemichi look at her sister open his door room, "you look so moody this day...Sachiko tell me that you was wet in rain when you came home. Are you okay, Takemichi?" Y/n went to him and sit on his bed. "Takemichi, if you have a problem just tell me kay?" Y/n pat his head, "then who will heard your problems, Nee-san?" Takemichi stare at her eyes.

Y/n just stay silent for a while, "my problems was hard as rock, problems can't resolve by heard, its hard to tell someone you close especially you. I don't want to stress you out, Takemichi" Y/n voice sounds sad when tell him that. "You know Nee-san, i wish i will heard your problems and i want to help you even its hard to me" Y/n heart was flutter by Takemichi words then she smile.

"As long you happy, i don't care" she ruffle Takemichi hair while Takemichi chuckle.


"You know, Misaki...this is my luck" Y/n eyes shine when saw promotion on signboard. Even her face doesn't react at all but Misaki know her well when she look on her eyes, "its not clothing...why're you so excited when its come to groceries" Misaki yawn. "You should learn how to be mature Misaki, next years you will turn to 19" Y/n look at the fruits.

"Sure~~~If im not lazy" Y/n hit her head, "you will become a woman and not a kid, don't be too lazy when its come to this" Y/n finish her pay. "You sure like a mom, should you be my place instead me" Y/n glare at her until she heard chaos.

"Who's them?"

"They sounds like a gangs, isn't it?"

'Is this day was my bad luck or what? Always meet some gangs that i doesn't know' Y/n just looked at the gangs.

"You should not mess up with them, they are Tenjiku"

"Tenjiku? Y/n, what happened to Tokyo when we disband awhile our gangs?" Misaki ask her, "why would im f*cking know if i was in overseas" Y/n rolled her eyes. "We should avoid them..." Misaki whisper to her, "we should afterall they interrupt my peace...i want to buy some meat when i going back home" Y/n growl.

"Boss...we shouldn't involve with them" but Y/n doesn't mind her at all, her short temper was come with her murder aura around her, "do you think i let them slide easily?" Y/n give them death glare.

"Why i felt someone at stare us?"

"Yeah...its creepy tho. This aura sounds someone want to murder us"

They turn around and saw Y/n give them warning before she will explode, "i should buy some medicine yesterday but...the medicine was out of stock" Misaki sigh then looked at them was about to run away from Y/n.

"This is enough, Y/n...they will tell their leader about you and i don't want to get us involve with that so let's get going before it turns into big mistake" Misaki pulled her.

"I will murder you all soon you will become my slave on my palm" Y/n give her words to them and making their shiver.

"She's scary woman that i have never saw in my life"

"We should stay away from her"


"Ne~ Takemichi...." Y/n still on her temper while Takemichi gulp, 'this is a big mistake more than gangs mistake....this will getting hard for me' Takemichi laugh awkwardly, "Nee-san, i will explain to you" Takemichi sweating more.

"Forgive, Y/n little brother...Your sister was not in the mood when we went shopping for a while should be patient right now because your sister medicine was out of stock" Misaki wave him goodbye then run away from them, "Wai-!" Takemichi shiver. "Nee-san...i-i will ex-plain this...." Takemichi was about to cry, "i-i'll get this because some of the gangs attack when its come to my gangs...its mean relate to my gangs. So they was enemy to us" Y/n raised her eyebrows then her eyes turn into normal.

"I'll f*cking killed them with my own hands" Y/n smile at him creepy, "i think Nee-san-", "i should involve because they hurt my brother, i will killed them and control them as much i can" Y/n start smile like a evil. "This is not Nee-san, right" Takemichi mumble to himself, "this will be hard to resolve" Takemichi just stare at her sister was change into evil infront of him.

'Just how to stop, Nee-san from this?!!!'

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