C h a p t e r 12

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Y/n malfoy POV

I woke up seeing everything blurry I blinked a couple of times and looked at the clock on the table 7:13 pm.

I tried moving but felt mattheo's arms around me.

"Mattheo" I said, I hope he wakes up cause I want to move, really bad.

I pushed his hands away slightly and moved a little bit.

I still was uncomfortable.

"Mattheo" I whispered.

"What" he whispered, in a raspy voice.

"I need you to move your hands" I said, trying to push them away.

"No" he said, his hands getting tighter around me.

"Mattheo, I need you to let go" I said.

"No, I don't want to let you go" he said, I could barely hear him as his face was in the pillow.

"Mattheo, I just need to move, why are you always so difficult" I said, still trying to move his hands.

"I'm not difficult" he said.

"Mattheo, just move your hands, I'll hug you once I'm comfortable" I said.

He moved his hands and I turned facing him.
He was turned to me and started to wrap his arms around me.

He pulled some in more and snuggled his head into my neck.

"Mattheo" I whispered.


"Move you head a little" I whispered, he moved his head down to my boobs, seriously.

At this point I didn't care, so I started to play with his curls.
God, I love his curls.
Why does he have such good hair, I mean look at all this hair and it's curly, all of it.

I started to get tired so I laid my head down and started to dose off.

_______________NEXT DAY_______________

I woke up and started to blink so my eyes can focus.

I looked down to see Mattheo's head on my boobs.

I moved his head off my boobs and tried moving his arms and hands.
Why is this always the hardest part.

I moved one of his arms and I pushed of the other one.

I got up quietly not trying to wake him up and went to the kitchen.

I grab a box of cereal and I poured it in and then grab milk, pouring in a good amount.

I started to eat and once I was finished I put it in the sink.

I walked back over to the bed, to still see a passed out Mattheo.

I needed to wake him up it's already 10:40 am

"Mattheo" I said slapping the back of his head.

"Mmh" he said his head still on the pillow.

"Come on, get up" I said.

He picked up his head and looked at me before putting his head down again.

"Mattheo come on wake up" I said grabbing a pillow and hitting him with it.

"Fine" he said snatching the pillow and just putting it on top of his head.

I went over to him and pulled on the pillow.

"Come on Mattheo, we don't have all day" I said.

He looked at me before getting up from the bed and towering over me.

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