C h a p t e r 4

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I woke feeling the sun shining on my face.

I turn over thinking I would see Mattheo but he was gone.

He wouldn't talk to me.

But why would he not talk to me.

What did I even do wrong.

I looked up at the ceiling.

I got up and went over to the bathroom as I went inside I heard the door to my room open I looked through to see Mattheo.

I walked outside the bathroom.

He stopped in his tracks and looked at me.

"Your mom invited aurora and blaire, again sadly, she also wanted me to tell you to try and get along with me but don't try because your voice annoys me" and with that said he left my room leaving the door open.


Gosh I hate it when people don't close the door.

I closed the door and went over to the bathroom.

I got ready my usual schedule.

I went to my walk in closet and chose a outfit.

Once I was done changing I went downstairs to the kitchen to see Draco sitting down eating breakfast.

"Hello Draco were Is mom and dad" I asked sitting down on the stool.

"Oh there talking with the dark lord, your soon to be husband is there too" he said smirking cause he said soon to be husband.

I rolled my eyes at him and got my food.

I don't like the sound of soon to be husband.

I mean I don't even like him, I only try to get to know him because we have to get married.

"Do you know what they talking about" I asked Draco who looked up from his plate.

"All I know is that apparently Mattheo wants to get married to someone else because he doesn't like you" Draco said back.

What a jerk.

I stood up and started walking.

"Hey where are you going" Draco asked.

"To talk to the dark lord" I said back.

I walked out the doors and up some stairs.

I know where they are talking.

They are in his laboratory.

I went up more stairs and made it to the laboratory.

I knocked on the door waiting for it to open.

I heard footsteps walk over to the door.

The door open showing mattheo's hideous face.

"Wha-" "shut up just so you know I don't want to marry u either so if you think for a second that I'm pleased by what is happening I'm not I hate that I have to marry you and I hate the fact that your ignoring me if it was the other way around who knows what you would do about me ignoring you, so stop acting so stubborn" I said.

Mattheo opened the door wider so I can see the dark lord, my mom and my father.

"We were actually talking about how Mattheo doesn't want to marry you" the dark lord said.

"Yeah I know" I said back.
He glared at me because I didn't say my lord.
"My lord" I said barely above a whisper.

"I need you two too marry each other it will be better more Pureblood" the dark lord said looking at both me and Mattheo.

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