C h a p t e r 41

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Y/n pov

I smiled as I walked into hogwarts with Draco, blaise, blaire aurora, Astoria, pansy, Mattheo, Theodore and Lorenzo.

I felt a warm comfort as I walked in, this place always made me feel at home and I've missed it do I hate most of the teacher though, yeah. "Alright we'll I guess we are just going to split up since we all have different rooms" Theodore said as he let down my luggage "u going to be okay" Lorenzo asked me "I don't want to be in the same room as him after what happened even if I kissed him" I said, i looked around and saw Mattheo carrying my luggage "u will be alright if u need anything just come over" Lorenzo said "alright thanks Lorenzo" I said he smiled and hugged me, I hugged him back and eventually pulled away.

"Hope he dosent annoy u that much" he said "oh I know he will" I said as he walked away, Theodore came over as Lorenzo was talking to Mattheo "u will be okay being in the same room as him" he said "maybe I will but I just really don't want to see him even if I kissed him which I'm starting to regret" I said he chuckled at my words "again u will be okay" he said "right" I rolled my eyes as he walked away as well, "u ready to go" Mattheo asked "yeah" I said quietly as I walked away with Mattheo.

I turned my head and saw the girls with widened eyes, I didn't get to talk to them that much today I thought, me and Mattheo awkwardly walked together to the room he left my luggage there with me once we entered our room "look Lorenzo and Theodore told me about how u wanted me to stay with him and Lorenzo and if that will make u feel better than I'm going to stay with them" he said "u actually are" I asked/said confused "yeah" he responded "I just wanted to help u with ur luggage" he said smiling "well thank u" I said as I took of my shoes.

He walked back towards the doors but turned looking at me "look I'm sorry about how I did what I did and I really don't want u to be mad at me" he said "I'm not forgiving u easily last time I did because we didn't know each other but now there was no excuse" I said as I walked towards the door "please just leave" I said looking up at him, he slowly left the room and I locked the door behind him, seems like Theodore and Lorenzo actually did tell him.

I took of my shirt and opened my luggage grabbing a towel, I let down my hair from its bun and set my towel down in the bathroom, I look at the shirt in my hand realizing it was mattheo's, I took of my clothes and stepped into the shower. I soon got out and wrapped the towel around myself, I left the bathroom and went to the room grabbing my clothes I grabbed my clothes and went to the bathroom to change.

I grabbed my brush and brush out my hair, and brush my teeth, washing my face as well. I started to unpack and realized that this was mattheo's sweater, I look at it for a little before putting away in the cabinet. I finished unpacking my stuff and I laid in my bed there's nothing to do, no one's bothering me, nothing I thought as I looked around it's to quiet for me I thought eh it's fine I will get used to it I looked around the room seeing the kitchen, bathroom, living room, walk in closet and there was another little extra room, next to my room.

I stood up from my bed, leaving my room I went to the door next to my room I was about to open it when there was a knock on the door, I walk to the door opening it and saw Mattheo "I was wondering if u had one of my sweaters it's just a plain black one" he said "oh yeah I have it" I said going to my room and grabbing the sweater, I went back to the door and gave it him "u know what u can keep it" he said "why?" I asked "because it's filled with ur scent know" he said I laughed grabbing the sweater back.

He smiled at me and my face heated up "um is that all u needed" I asked "oh yeah" he said he turned around but as I looked around in the room I feel very weird in here alone "uh Mattheo" I said as he wasn't so far away, he turned around looking at me "do u want to stay the night" I said "are u weirded out by urself" he asked "yeah and I also feel like someone's watching me" I said, he looked around before walking back towards the room.

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