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Too late, I'm not your son by AjSummer
Too late, I'm not your sonby AjSummer
Percy Jackson was accused of being a traitor and working for Kronos. When Poseidon doesn't stick up for Percy, he decides he is no longer a son of Poseidon. He neglects...
  • darkside
  • kronos
  • betrayed
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destiny Has Arrived  by boombabylololol
destiny Has Arrived by jirenthegrey
A young child by the name of (y/n) who lives a perfect life with his brother and friends,life was perfect,until, a couple of people came in and killed everyone in his ho...
  • senrankagura
  • rimuru
  • hyperdimensionneptunia
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Imagines | Kylo Ren by girlfromcali
Imagines | Kylo Renby I love you and Kylo
Finally changed the title and cover, your welcome. No more requests for now. :( Highest Rankings: #1 in Kylo Ren #4 in Star Wars #1 in Sith #1 in Star Wars Fanficiton...
  • sith
  • kylorenxreader
  • kidnapped
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His Submissive Omega (boyxboy) by RockStarzzz
His Submissive Omega (boyxboy)by RockStarzzz
October Levitation is a submissive Omega of the Cruel Black Pack. Meaning he bows down to everyone. He is the slave. The punching bag. The toy. Everyone knows he's gay a...
  • help
  • pack
  • love
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Vampiric Return // Tomarry Fanfiction by Black_Moon_And_Stars
Vampiric Return // Tomarry Fanfict...by Black_Moon_And_Stars
After 25 years in the Immortal World, Harry returns to his fifth year at Hogwarts a different person. A different species altogether. Realising that his new vampire sta...
  • powerfulharry
  • darkharry
  • harrypotter
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Taken by A_M_Book
Takenby A_M_Book
Harry Potter wasn't really the son of James and Lily Potter. He was the son of Remus Black née Lupin and Sirius Black. Harry comes into his creature inheritance and beco...
  • hogwarts
  • mates
  • mollybashing
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Prisoner by foodiefrankcastle
Prisonerby foodiefrankcastle
"Comfortable?" "Not really." (WARNING: POSSIBLE STAR WARS TFA SPOILERS AHEAD) After obtaining the map from Lor San Tekka showing the location of Luke...
  • dameron
  • starwars
  • jakku
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Kidnapped - Kylo Ren Fanfiction by ForeverDirectioner73
Kidnapped - Kylo Ren Fanfictionby 1D : Star Wars
His face was just inches from mine. I smelled a fruity aroma coming from his hair. His perfectly shaped lips were too close for comfort. Kylo's brown eyes felt like the...
  • wattys2018
  • starwars
  • love
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Untamed Love  // Kylo Ren  by ForeverDirectioner73
Untamed Love // Kylo Ren by 1D : Star Wars
He wants to love. She can teach him how. She needs someone to train her. He must first learn to trust. Both are lost in this crumbling galaxy and are struggling to hol...
  • theforceawakens
  • generalhux
  • drama
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Destined Opposites by Spelltacular_Hex
Destined Oppositesby shania
On Harry's 14th birthday he went into his inheritance he had almost killed his uncle with his new powers rage had taken him over. he soon fell into a deep slumber. Padfo...
  • wattys2017
  • triwizardtordiment
  • darkharry
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Kylo Ren x Reader | One Shots by violaeades
Kylo Ren x Reader | One Shotsby mariah
Requests: OPEN PLEASE NOTE: I do NOT write smut, lemons, nor boy x boy!
  • disney
  • darkside
  • ren
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The Princes Doll (completed) by Geocookie21
The Princes Doll (completed)by Geocookie21
Selena Potter, Harry Potters younger sister. When their parents were murdered the siblings were separated with Harry sent to muggles and Selena was taken away, by a hood...
  • voldemort
  • harryssister
  • wattys2018
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Dark side by HarryStylesismyicon
Dark sideby harrystylesismyicon
ბეკა?კარგად ხარ? ..კი ის მწვანეა.მისი თვალები..ის ციმციმებს. დღიური..იქ მთელი ჩემი ცხოვრება წერია..არავინ იცის თუ რას ვწერ...სწორედ დღიურმა დავაკავშირა მე და ის მწვან...
  • ბარბარაპალვინი
  • სტაილსი
  • harrystylesgeorgianfanfiction
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Harry And His Six Mates (Harry Potter) by Pcrw1233
Harry And His Six Mates (Harry Pot...by Hellowerewolf1
Harry goes throw a painful inheritance and ends up finding about the truth and everything he knew was a lie
  • harryxfredxgeorge
  • magic
  • tomarry
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General Grievous X Fem Reader (light within #1)  by TheAwesomeOpossum
General Grievous X Fem Reader (lig...by TheAwesomeOpossum
#1 for #GeneralGrievous on wattpad!! Thank you everyone! (((COMPLETED))) "You have something of mine. I don't mean to intrude. I.. " before you could say anyth...
  • obiwankenobi
  • starwars
  • clonewars
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Tomarry One-shots by ERiddle123
Tomarry One-shotsby E.Riddle
Tomarry one shots. I think you understand by reading the title. These are just small ideas that can't be a story and I just need to get them out. Hope you enjoy!
  • action
  • harrypotter
  • lightsidebashing
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Harry Potter Strikes Back by livycipher
Harry Potter Strikes Backby Livy malfoy potter
Harry Potter learns he is a horcrux and reacts differently. Instead of going to the forest to let Voldemort kill him he does something totally different. What he does, y...
  • potter
  • snape
  • darkharry
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Temptation Of Grey  by Lilith41
Temptation Of Grey by Stefanie Gries
Reylo fanfic based on ideas for episode 9 The rebels could first flee to a safe place and start rebuilding themselves. Rey and Kylo / Ben continue to have a strong conne...
  • love
  • lightside
  • skywalker
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Dating 101 [With Kylo Ren] by _Kylo_Sexy_Ren_
Dating 101 [With Kylo Ren]by Lord and Savior Kylo Ren
Ah, dating... Most of us don't know what the hell we're supposed to say or do. So, here's some words of advice from the most single bachelor in the galaxy. [Want to ask...
  • whatnottodo
  • comedy
  • datingadvice
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