C h a p t e r 28

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Y/n pov

"And then he just apparated away, I don't know what his problem was but it was fucking weird, right?" I said laying on the floor in my old dorm talking to blaire, aurora and Amelie.

"Yeah bae that is really fucking weird" said aurora who was also laying on the floor.

"I don't know maybe it may have been his father" said blaire.

"Well all I know from what u told me is that he is weird as fuck for doing sum shit like that, what was so important either way" said Amelie who had the bottle of fire whiskey in her hand taking and sip and passing it to me.

"His father" said blaire and aurora at the same time.

I grab the bottle and take a big sip passing it to aurora.

"Oh u guys are right his father the mighty dark lord ahhh" Amelie said "oh wait what if he can hear me oh my god now I'm scared" she said looking around.

I laughed at her as aurora started laughing as well.

"Well I mean mattheo's father is scary I wonder how he raised Mattheo did he raise him alone or did the death eaters have to help like imagine the death eaters help raise baby Mattheo" Amelia said.

constantly fighting over who would help feed him or change him and put him to sleep or them getting yelled at for doing something wrong.

I laughed thinking about it soon after Amelie, blaire and aurora started laughing as well.

It soon turn it a fit of laughter.

"Ok I'm going to put on music" blaire said stumbling over putting on a random song.

i grab the bottle from Amelie who was starting to seem drunk.

I took a big sip and passed it to aurora who chugged a lot of it.

I stood up and started dancing with blaire, as aurora and Amelie danced with each other.

Aurora passed the fire whiskey to blaire and blaire took a big sip before passing it to me.

I took a big spinning blaire around while drinking it.

I felt the liquid go down my throat giving it a nice burn while it went down.

I pass the bottle to aurora who was dancing with Amelie.

Me and aurora switch to me with Amelie and blaire with aurora.

We were so close, dancing up on each other.

We looked into each other eyes, Amelie looked at me in the eyes and then to my lips, looking back and forth between them.

She crashed her lips onto mine exploring my mouth with her tongue.

"y/n" blaire said laughing a little, Amelie pulled away as I look at blaire who stood with her mouth wide laughing more.

"Mattheo" aurora said laughing as well when I realized holy shit does that mean I cheated no right?

"Oh my god Mattheo, he dosent need to know" I said the last part a little more quietly.

"I'm going to the bathroom" Amelie said stumbling to the bathroom, clearly really drunk.

"Sure he dosent need to know but then again" blaire said raising an eyebrow.

"No he dosent need to know, it was just a little kiss" I said shrugging, grabbing the bottle from aurora.

I took a long sip passing it back to blaire.

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