C h a p t e r 31

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Y/n pov

"Wake up, lovebirds" a random voice said, the curtains opened and I opened my eyes feeling the sun, my eyes blurry from just waking up I look around and see Bella and cissy standing watching us "tell ur soon to be husband to get up" Bella said, "ugh get out" I said closing my eyes again and hiding under the covers.

"Come on y/n sweetheart, we have to go look at the dresses" cissy said my head perked up "for what" I asked please no wedding dresses "for when we are having dinner with the rowle family and the ball we're u and Mattheo will make the announcement saying that ur marriage is conformed" cissy said smiling happily "that can wait for later" I said hiding under the covers again pressing my body close to mattheo's "it's 10 in the morning" cissy said "and" I responded "and we have dresses to look at" Bella said "again wake up ur soon to be husband and get ur asses out of bed" she said "bella!" cissy said "what" Bella asked innocently.

"Cant it wait till like 11 or 12" I said, Bella and cissy looked at each other "very well, at 12 u better be up and changing by then" cissy said walking out of the room "bella can u close the curtains" I asked "sure thing darling I don't understand why ur mother opened the curtains I hate when people do that in the morning" bella said rolling her eyes and closing the curtains she was about to walk out but then turned around "mattheo's shirtless, isn't he" bella asked/ said "yeah he's shirtless" I responded.

Bella shook her head "no sex till we kill that baby that is already inside u" bella said walking out and closing the door "bella!" I yell as she left the room, that girl does not hold back on what she is thinking.

I look at Mattheo "are u awake" I whisper "no" he responded his voice deep and raspy, he opened one eye peaking it open "dress shopping for u today" he said smiling at me "ugh no" I rolled my eyes before smiling back at him.

"I love seeing u smile in the morning" I said as his smile didn't leave his face, "and I love seeing u in the morning" he said resting his head on the croak of my neck, I rolled my eyes at his words and I looked at his scar again I don't know why I keep looking at his scar.

"Y/n" Mattheo whispered I look at him "do u want to keep the baby" he asked me moving his head from my neck and resting it on my chest, I tensed at the question, I didn't respond for a while thinking "no, I don't want it" I said playing with his curls "are u sure, u don't seem sure" he said "no I'm sure, I don't want the baby" I said.

He looked at me smiling sadly, I smiled back "what do u think I should do with the baby" I asked "it's ur choice" he said rubbing my stomach "but what do u think if I do keep it" I said his head perked up "I mean I'm fine with u keeping it, again it's ur choice I'm fine with anything u choose" he said I don't want to kill it but I don't want to keep it, I guess I will just have to kill it.

I played with mattheo's hair as he wrapped his arms around me, resting his head on my chest "what color are u going to get ur dresses" he asked "I don't know maybe one of them dark red" I said "ew a red color" he said looking up at me, I rolled my eyes at him "seriously just because griffindors color is red dosent mean I cant get a red dress" I said "ok u can get a red dress but for dinner" he said, I rolled my eyes at him maybe I should go with a dress dress for the Announcement I thought "no, red dress for dinner" he said.

The announcement where we will have to announce that we are getting married, where paparazzi will watch our every move everyone will, we can't say anything wrong to each other and have to be by each other's side the whole time, everyone will be watching us, they really care about the marriage so much that they need to do all this.

I look down at Mattheo to see him asleep on my chest, I play with his curls, running my hands through all of the curls, the door opened showing bella and cissy "seriously" I hear mattheo's voice, his hands wrapped tighter around my waist as if he didn't want to let go "come on y/n we have to look at dresses" cissy said "ok fine" I said trying to get up but Mattheo was holding on "Mattheo" I said "yeah" he responded "let go" I said, he let go and I stood up walking in to the walk in closet.

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