C h a p t e r 22

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Y/n pov

I walk the halls of the malfoy manor.

Making it to Draco's room.

I hate Mattheo for convincing me to talk to him.

I knock on the door hopping that he isn't here so I don't have to talk to him.

The door opened after a minute of waiting and Draco looked at me shocked before going to a blank expression.

"Come in I guess" he said opening the door widely for me to enter.

I walked into his room and sat on his bed as he closed the door.

"Why are you here, arent you supposed to be making a kid with Mattheo right now" he said/asked.

"First of all to talk and second we will make the kid later" I said smiling sarcastically.

"I did not need to hear that" he said standing at the door frame and leaning on a corner.

"Well why do u keep on talking about Mattheo like that" I asked him.

"Because he will hurt you y/n" he said.

"Now u don't know that fully" I said as I looked at him who starred at me with a blank face.

"Mattheo dosent care for you y/n I'm telling u this so u can know Mattheo is cold hearted he is crazy a killer he is like his dad" Draco said.

"Now he is right about that" said a voice.
I look around the room to see aunt bella.
"When did u get in here" I asked.

"Don't u worry about that, Draco has a point, don't be so stupid darling, the dark lord and Mattheo are going out just this minute with death eaters who knows what Mattheo is going to do" she said skipping around the room.

"See, knowing the dark lord he will force Mattheo to kill someone and Mattheo will then he will start to like it again and will keep on killing" Draco said.

"What he said darling" aunt bella said winking at me.

"How come u aren't going with them" I asked bella.

"Oh I do have to go in just here right now I'll Apparate in a little bit first let me warn u darling, the dark lord will force Mattheo to do something tonight and he Mattheo will do it and end up liking it, it's always something bad" aunt bella said before operating out of no where.

"What she said" Draco said looking at me with a serious look.

"Ok so maybe Mattheo might be like his father" I said.

"Night oh you just wait y/n and see how he really is" Draco said walking away to his bathroom and closing the door behind.

God why do they always say something about Mattheo and his father being alike.

I stood up from Draco's bed and walked over to the door opening it and leaving closing it right behind me.

I'm bored, Bella isn't here I just talked to Draco, Mattheo isn't here, the dark lord isn't here, my dad isn't here I'm pretty sure and my mom is probably busy.

I don't know what to do.
Ahhhhhh I so bored, kill me now.

I walked down the long halls in the Malfoy manor walking to absolute no where because I have to idea what I'm doing or going.

I went in front of this one door that seemed to be locked.

What the hell.

I looked at it closely, I wonder what's inside, is it dead body's, plans of the dark lords, dead elfs, what the hell why did I just think of dead elfs.

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