C h a p t e r 36

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Y/n pov

Mattheo is taking really long talking to his father, why did his father even call him down, probably something about the death eaters or what ever.

I look around the room seeing as my friends talked but I took care of Alice, I want a kid really bad now seeing how Alice is hoping I get a calm kid instead of an annoying, cry baby one, no offense to kids obviously.

I looked around seeing as everyone had someone to talk to, god how long is Mattheo going to take talking to his father, it's been about like 40 to 50 minutes what's taking so long. I threw myself back on mattheo's bed letting my head hit the pillow I look around seeing as this wasn't how I expected my life, marrying the dark lords son, literally having to have a baby with him, don't get me wrong I like Mattheo he's nice and funny, misunderstood because of his father but I don't want to marry him or spend the rest of my life with him.

I don't want any of this.
I hate this.
I feel trapped, when I was at the ball I felt trapped. I felt like a doll in its packaging, like I couldn't escape all the stares I got I had to make sure I looked good so people can judge me for being Mattheo's fiancé and I had to act perfect so they can think I'm okay even though everything between me and Mattheo is fake, it's all a lie.

Don't get me wrong I have feelings for Mattheo, I don't love him but I do... it's confusing. All I know is that I can't put up with this act any longer I'm slowly starting to drift away from the person I was before Mattheo, I barely even remember that person anymore. I hate how all this time I have to spend with Mattheo and worry about so many things, I hate this I wish I didn't have to worry about shit.

I look around the room again realizing I was stuck on my thoughts, aurora and blaire stood up and walked over to the bed sitting down "what are u thinking about" aurora asked laying down on my left since I was in the middle of the bed, blaire laid down on my right and Alice was rested on my belly.

"Aurora can I stay at your house for tonight" I asked her "yeah of course so can u blaire" she winked at blaire "it will be like a girls night" she said smiling widely "how come u want to stay though" she asked "I will explain later but right now with all of them in here no" I said "what about Alice" blaire asked looking at Alice who was laying on my stomach her head resting on my stomach and her little legs some what close to my thighs.

"She can either stay with Mattheo or Draco" I said shrugging "seriously Mattheo, he already took care of her the whole night while u were with well you know" aurora said "I know but I don't want to worry about anything tonight, I want to be out like a teen again when we would do the most stupidest things and not worry" I said "I remember those times remember when we one time got locked outside my manor while drunk" blaire said "holy shit yeah it was freezing cold that day" I said.

"Remember when we would walk outside at Hogwarts and would go in the forest" aurora said "yeah that was fun until blaire complained" I looked at blaire "what?, I thought i saw something" she said I laughed a little at her words "remember when we stuck out of the house we were like 13 or 14 and we stuck out thinking we were slick but turns out our parents just didn't care and didn't say anything" aurora said "oh yeah they said that we could have just asked instead of sneaking out" I said "to be honest I think we all just wanted to jump off the window and see if we could make it from her room" blaire said "yeah I always wondered if I could now I know I can" aurora said.

"I wish we can just make out with random boys and not worry about it" I said "we can u cant" aurora said "I know I hate being taken" I said raising my hand and looking at the ring on my left hand "do u really hate being taken so bad, I hate being single" blaire said "same being single sucks all the talking stages and everything" aurora said "I didn't even get a talking stage I did get a "your marrying to make an heir" talk" I said turning my head both sides to look at both.

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