C h a p t e r 27

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Y/n pov

I open my eyes a little to feel the sun hitting my face.

I open my eyes fully and turn to look at mattheo to see Mattheo looking at me already.

He smiles at me and kisses me softly on the neck.

I smile and pull him close kissing him on the lips, softly.

i wrapped my arms around his neck and he pulled me by my waist, closer to him.

I look up at him and smile at him softly, he smiled back at me.

I love his smile.

"I know right my smile is so cute" he said smiling at me even more.

"U need to stop reading my mind, a little privacy would be nice" I said rolling my eyes, still smiling.

Mattheo smiled and took out one of his arms from under the cover.

I looked at his arm to see the dark mark in his inner left forearm.

I looked at it seeing the skull and snake, the once smile in my face now leaving.

I wonder why I don't have it, I would have thought maybe by now I would.

"U don't have it because u are already showing that ur loyal by marrying me and having an heir with me" he said softly.

I looked up at him in the eyes my heart hurting right now, just by having to think about how he has it and so does Draco.

"Did it hurt" I asked.

"For me not really, I didn't really feel anything when I got it it felt like a little sting" he said softly now looking at his forearm.

I remember that one day clearly I wasn't allowed to be in the ceremony for Draco but right after the ceremony Draco came to my room his arm full with blood and tears slipping down his face.

"Was their a bunch of blood" I asked him, maybe it was different for him.

"Yeah a lot" he said calmly still looking at his mark as he traced it with his finger.

I grabbed his hand and smiled at him, a soft little smile.

"We should go eat" he said.

"Ugh I guess" I said rolling my eyes, I grabbed the cover and covered my eyes not wanting to get up.

"Get up" he said throwing me one of his sweaters.

I put it on and grab a black skirt putting it on.

I went to the bathroom and washed my face, brushed my teeth and brushed through my hair.

I got out of the bathroom and put on socks and my shoes.

I took off mattheo's sweater and put on my bra then put mattheo's sweater on again.

I waited for Mattheo to be done then the bathroom door opened and out came Mattheo.

"Let's go" he said, he opened the door.

I walked out the room and he closed the door behind him, walking behind me.

I walk next to him and hold onto his hand as we were walking to the great hall.

We enter the great hall to get a bunch of stares and whispers.

That's when I realize I'm holding hands with the dark lords son, no wonder they are staring and whispering.

I squeeze mattheo's hand and he looks down at me, I fake smile at him as in a way to tell him to keep moving.

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