C h a p t e r 3

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Y/n Malfoy pov

I woke up to my mom yelling at me.

"WAKE UP Y/N AND MATTHEO WE HAVE SOMETHING TO DO TODAY" she yelled frustration radiating off of her.

I was awake now but Mattheo seemed past out.

"MATTHEO" I yelled in his ear.

"WHAT, WHAT do you want" he said back.

I he looked at me them looked at my mom who was currently looking at us with weird eyes.

"What" we asked.

"You guys are sleeping in the same bed oh this is so exciting my baby is getting married and is currently SUPPOSED TO GET READY so get up and go clean yourself shower idk do something u will wait down stairs with aurora and blaire"
She said walking over to the door and opening it.

"I will also be down stairs with Lorenzo and Theodore" aka mattheo's friends.

"Wha-" "no asking question get up and get ready" she said calmly leaving the room.

I looked to see Mattheo getting comfortable and trying to go back to sleep.

"Mattheo get up seriously and you call me lazy" I said.

I got up and looked for clothes before going inside the bathroom.

I look behind me to see Mattheo standing right there.

"Hello" I said.

"Hello" he said back.

I turned back around and started walking, turned again to still see him right behind me.

"I'm going to shower" I said hoping that he would understand.

"I know" he said back smiling this time.

"No no no, your leaving the bathroom so I can shower" I said.

"No I'm not"

"Yes you are"

"No I'm not"

"Ok how about this you can leave and i'll be happy" I said smiling back.


"Fine then what do you want"

"To touch you" he said smirking.



"No I'm not letting you touch me I'm to beautiful for you" I said back.

"Get away" I said pushing him out of the bathroom and closing the door, locking so he won't get in.

I took off my clothes and went into the shower feeling the water hit my body.

I was done with my shower, I saw fog everywhere as I exit out shower.

I brushed through my hair feeling it detangle.

I put on a towel as I exited the bathroom.

I look to see Mattheo sitting on the bed waiting there.

He had his head down as I walked in.

I went over to my walk in closet and got out some clothes.

I went back out of the walk in closet to see Mattheo sitting on the bed.

"Are you ready" I asked.

He just stood up and didn't answer.

"Fine don't answer my question" I walked over to the bathroom slamming the door shut.

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