C h a p t e r 24

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Y/n pov

I woke up to the sun shining bright in my face.

I turn around just to hit my head on mattheo's hard chest.

I open my eyes just to see him slowly waking up as well.

I look at him as he made a frowning face.

he opened one of his eyes and looked at me quirking an eyebrow.

I looked away and looked at the ceiling.

We have to go back to hogwarts today.

I get to see aurora and blaire.

I turn back around to face him, he looks at me with soft eyes that I usually see as dark and rude eyes.

I move my hands to his hair, his soft curly brown hair.

I look at him inspecting all his features his jawline, his soft brown eyes, his curly hair, a cut mark on his nose.

oh how I would love to just look at him all day.

He was still looking at me as i inspected him.

I smile at him and he smiled back.
Aww his smile.
I smile more as he was smiling at me.

I now couldn't stop smiling since he was smiling at me.

I ran my finger through his hair feeling his soft curly hair.

oh I love his curly hair.

he starred at me as I played with his hair.
I look at him as he looked at me still with those soft eyes that are usually dark.

he seems rather calm and nicer then usual, is he okay, did something happen to him last night or something.

"Are u okay" I asked him looking at him seriously, taking my hands out of his hair.

"Did u really have to ask that" he said.

"Yes because u seem rather calm and nicer" I said weirded out by that.

"shut up" he said now mad because I asked that.

I laughed at how he was actually mad.

"Aww ur actually mad" i said still laughing.

"Shut up" he said really serious now.
I stopped laughing and looked at him.

His dementor changed his eyes were dark now and he was serious.

I looked at him in his eyes smiling up at him.
He didn't brake he was blank.

He looked down at me as I moved my head to his chest.

I used my finger making little hearts on his chest.

He grabbed onto my hand stopping me from making those little hearts.

he looked at me in the eyes and kissed my forehead and pulling closer to him.

he is weird one moment nice next mad next nice.

Did Mattheo pack his things yet.
I just thought that is he.

"Mattheo did u pack ur things to go to hogwarts" I asked him.

"Umm no" he said calmly.

"go pack ur things, now" I said moving away from him and making sure he gets up.

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