C h a p t e r 13

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If you haven't read chapter 12 read it because it is very important, for this chapter.

But if you have please continue.
Y/n malfoy's POV

I woke up to the sun shinning through the window making the sun hit my eyes.

I got up and went to the bathroom brushing my teeth, I went back outside and grabbed clothes to wear, I went back into the bathroom and showered, changed, put on makeup and did my hair.

I got out of the bathroom barely realizing that none of my friends were in the room.
Maybe there at breakfast.

I went to the great hall and found them sitting down at a table.
I went over and sat down next to them.

I started to put food on my plate until I felt familiar eyes on me.
I look to see Mattheo staring at me, i turn back and started talking to blaire, having our own conversation.

"HEY Y/N" I hear someone yell my name I look back to who it was, just to find out it was Lorenzo, he waved me over, I stood up and went next to him.

"Sit" he said, I sat down and looked at with a questioning face.

"Why are you guys fighting" Theodore asked holding his hands in front of him with straight posture.
Wtf is wrong with his friends.

"Mattheo kissed Astoria at the party" I said, looking at Mattheo who was sitting next to me.
I moved away a little bit from him and watched as Theodore and Lorenzo looked at him with wide eyes.

They pulled on his sweater and pulled him aside, so they can talk.
"Dude you told us that you love her" Theodore whispered/said.
"I do, but I was drunk and kissed Astoria" Mattheo responded.

God they are stupid I can hear every single word they are saying.

"But you love her that not an excuse" lorenzo said slapping him as a joke across the face.
Ok I'm just going to tell them that I hear them cause they look so stupid right now.

"Guys I can hear everything you are saying right now" I said loud enough for them to hear me.

"I told you" I hear Mattheo whisper and see him slap him in the gut.
What in the hell is wrong with these people.

They came over to me and sat down, Lorenzo looked at Mattheo and Mattheo looked at Theodore and Theodore looked at me.

"What" I asked, I have no idea what there even doing right now.

Theodore and Lorenzo turned to Mattheo who gave them a I don't know look.
Theodore shook his head and turned to Lorenzo, pulling on his sleeve.
"We will leave you two alone" Theodore said, still pulling on Lorenzo sleeve, who was looking at Mattheo with a death stare.

Mattheo faced me but I didn't pay attention, I looked around spotting my brother, Blaise and my friends hanging out.
I'm happy they are getting along.

I looked back forgetting Mattheo was there.
"I- I'm so-sorry" he said with his head down.
I really didn't care I just got annoyed and need time to think about everything, I couldn't just let everything pile up and become a mess.

"I'm not mad" I said, he looked at me with a shocked face almost confused face.

"Your not" he asked "no I just needed space and time to think, I really hate how my life is going to become I never wanted it like this" I explained.
It's true when I thought of a future I thought of a husband, sure but kids, no I despised kids there just a no.

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