C h a p t e r 29

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Y/n pov

I rub my eyes, my vision blurry from barely waking up.

I look down at my chest to see Lorenzo's head resting there.


I sit up carefully not trying to wake up Lorenzo I moved his head to his pillow carefully.

I look in the other bed to see aurora and Draco cuddled up.

I look at the ground to see Blaire and Amelie.

I look back at Lorenzo who was now shuffling around in the bed about to wake up.

As he turned he hit something on the left side of the bed, Lorenzo woke up and started to look around the room.

"What the fuck happened" he asked I look at him confused "I don't know" I responded.

He rubbed his eyes and as he started to stretch he hit someone who was laying on the end of the bed.

"Ow, what the fuck" I heard a familiar voice say whoever the person was pulled the covers off himself and there was a tired looking Theodore.

"my bad" Lorenzo said he started to get off the bed but as he was getting off from the left side a body shuffled.

"What the hell" Lorenzo said looking at me and Theodore.

"Who is that" Theodore asked I shrugged as they looked at me, I pulled the covers off to see Blaise.

"Bruh let me sleep" he said in a tired voice pulling the covers back up.

Lorenzo moved carefully of the bed now successfully getting off without hurting anyone.

He walked to the bathroom and Theodore looked at me.

"Do u know what happened" he asked "I just remembered being with u guys and drinking that's it" I said.

I got up from the bed and looked at the ground trying not to step on blaire or Amelie.

"Where are u going" Theodore whispered I looked at him while I was close to the door "going to my room" I whispered back and closed the door.

I walked the corridors, empty, seems like everyone might be asleep or in the great hall.

Tomorrow we have school, I don't want to go to classes.

i made it to my room, opening the door seeing a shadow on the bed I closed the door behind me and tun on the lights.

"Where the fuck were u" Mattheo asked sitting on the bed looking at me.

"Matter of fact where we're u" I asked raising an eyebrow at him as I walked in to the walk in closet.

He stood up following after me "with my father and when I got here u werent here" he said crossing his arms over his chest leaning into the door frame.

"I was in the girls dorm and then your friends dorm and then Draco and Blaise dorm" I said as I changed him watching closely.

"Doing what exactly" he asked still watching as I took off my pants and put on shorts "drinking" I said walking out of the walk in closet.

"Are u fucking kidding me, u were drinking" he said/asked.

"Was that not what I just said right now" I asked standing in front of him and looking up.

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