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Y/n pov

I woke up to see the moons light shinning threw my window.

It was dark out, I laid in my bed just laying their.

I laid there and turned to my side to not feel mattheo's warmth.

Where in the hell is he.
What time is it.

I look at the clock on the night stand 10:26 (idk how the time works there but oh well 🤷‍♀️)

is he still with the dark lord or Lucius.
This seems weird, it's to late for them to even still be out.

should I be worried.
no I'm sure they are ok if they are even all together.
what is the worst that can happen.

mattheo's pov

Back at the malfoy manor.

I cant believe it's already dark out I have only been gone for like an hour, I think.

"Mattheo" I turn around to see my dad calling me over.

I walked over to him and stood in front of him.

"Wash up, u have blood all over u" he said before walking away from me.

I walked to y/ns room hoping she is asleep.

I open the door, it seems like she is asleep.

I was through the door and closed it behind me softly.

"Mattheo" I heard a familiar voice.

"Oh hey" I said turning on the lights to see y/n sitting on the bed.

Y/n pov

I'm going to kill him.

"Where the hell where you and why the fuck do you have blood all over you" I asked.

"I um I was with the death eaters, my father and your father and the second question I dont really well I don't want to answer that question" he said smiling softly at me.

"go shower" I told him rolling my eyes and laying back down on the bed.

"Right" he said walking towards the bathroom and closing the door behind him.

I cant believe this idiot.

Tomorrow we are going back to hogwarts.
I already have all my things packed not sure about Mattheo but whatever if he dosent then to bad.

I do wonder who mattheo's mom really is or how she loved the dark lord.

Eww imagine loving the dark lord.

My eyes widen just thinking about it.

Who the hell would love the dark lord oh I know the women that created Mattheo.

I wonder why Mattheo even is good looking his dad looks like a snake.

I heard the shower turn off.

He dosent take long in the shower.
I usually take like an hour the fuck.

I see him walk out already in his sweat pants and no shirt.
Oh lord.

I look away laying fully down on the bed not trying to see him.

He walks over to the bed and lays down turning off the lights.

Kill me now.

I turn to the other side not wanting to be close to him or touch him.

I stuck to my corner not wanting to turn.

I moved a little away from the edge only for my back to push up his front.

I just pocked his dick with my ass.

I hold back my laugh and tried to be quiet.

"Are u trying to fuck me or sleep" he asked.

What the fuck do I say.

He wraps his bicep across my waist and pulls me towards him, so he is spooning me.

I smile at how he is actually not being a bitch.

"What are u smiling about, I can feel u smiling" he said/asked.

"Nothing" I said quickly.

"you're driving me crazy" he muttered.

I felt comfortable in his arms.
Like their was nothing wrong even tho I'm in a mansion filled with death eaters and getting spooned by the son who created death eaters.

I wonder why Mattheo dosent act like his father.

Maybe I haven't fully seen his full self how he really acts I mean what if this is an act to get me to trust him so he can kill me later on, no I don't think he would do that, I think.

They always say he is like his father, a crazy murder, who likes to kill, get revenge and make people realize what they have done let's not also forget how he tortures them.

I wonder if Mattheo really is like his father.

Does Mattheo actually like killing? Does he actually like having power like his father, does he kill people like his father.

All of that went through my head asking different questions at a time while I'm trying to just figure one out.

Would Mattheo turn out like his father.

"I'm not going to lie I do like killing people, I do like having a bunch of power over people and yes of course I kill like my father he is the one that showed me everything" Mattheo said smiling a small laugh leaving his mouth.

"but the last one I never want to to turn out like my father, I never wanted to be like him but I do like the power I have over people when they realize who I am" he said not smiling or laughing anymore.

I kinda feel scared about how he likes killing people and likes the power he holds, that seems something like his father.

"Goodnight Mattheo" i said I dont really know what to say to him after he said that.

"Goodnight darling" I heard him whisper.

I slowly drift asleep.


Idk how I feel about this chapter I feel like they are slowly becoming more boring and boring.

but i hope u guys like it and they are going back to hogwarts 😩

Lot of Love, Gianna.

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