C h a p t e r 37

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Y/n pov

I woke up feeling sunlight hit my face, I opened my eyes feeling a pounding headache, I looked around and saw the tv on but there was nothing playing what time is it I thought I looked at the clock and saw it read 1:15, 1:15! I thought I looked seeing as the girls were also asleep.

I stood up from the bed quietly and went to the bathroom I looked in the mirror as took my braid out I looked at my hair and immediately saw how short it was shit I thought looking at it, I looked at my arm seeing the tattoo I thought it was all a dream I thought I raised mattheo's hoodie and saw my belly button pierced no wonder I felt pain there I thought I looked at my ear seeing as it was also pierced.

I turned around picking up mattheos hoodie again and seeing the snake on my back, I looked at my middle finger and saw the heart that all the other girls have as well, I looked outside the door and saw as blaire opened her eyes softly, someone is finally waking up I thought knowing damn well I've been up for a couple minutes.

I closed the bathroom door softly again and looked in the mirror my straight hair is curly because of the french braid, I felt a pain on my ear were my piercing is at I grabbed my bag that had stuff to keep them from not getting infected, I put the thing on both of the piercings there was little stings but it paid up for the pains I was getting from my back arm ear belly button and middle finger, I swear I fucked up last night.

I now have a really bad pain literally my head each is so bad right now, I look out the door again and saw as most of them were waking up. I left the bathroom and went near blaire who was fully awake "how do u feel" I asked her I just got a worst of a headache "like shit" she laughed I laughed with her I looked seeing aurora getting up "how do u feel" I asked her "bad really bad" she said I laughed.

The pain I'm feeling right now is so bad, "aurora I'm going to your room to get my stuff, please get mine too" blaire said I stood up walking out the door, I want to go home now I thought, I made it to auroras room and grabbed my stuff including blaires, I brought them back to Astoria's room.

I entered the room and set the stuff down I grabbed my toothbrush and went to the bathroom brushing my teeth, aurora and blaire soon entered and also started to brush there teeth, "I cant believe it's already 1" I said once I was done brushing my teeth "right" blaire said as she spit out the paste. I went back to the room and but all my stuff away I grabbed my shoes and put them on, pansy and Astoria started to wake up and they got ready, I waited for all of them to be done so we could go to the malfoy manor.

I kinda forgot today is a Sunday tomorrow I would have school but nope I don't go back till next Tuesday my parents informed Dumbledore of what happened and he allowed me to have a break since what happened well wasn't exactly the best. I waited a little until they were all ready and we apparated to the malfoy manor.

We walked through the door "I'm scared" I said to them "yeah u should be look at yourself" blaire said I rolled my eyes at her and looked at the tattoos I had gotten, "holy shit someone check my back tattoo" I said aurora went behind me and checked "it looks good just u know it's barely been a couple hours" she said "I know it just started to hurt really bad" I said.

I kinda forgot I got a back tattoo, and we'll I cut my hair got piercings and tattoos in one night, wow I thought, we all walked through the door and almost instantly I looked around hoping no one will see me but sadly Draco did, "y/n?" He said almost questioning "yeah Draco" I smiled at him "what did u do to ur hair" he asked me "like it" I asked showing off my freshly straight cut hair that is really short from before.

He looked at me with wide eyes before he asked me another question "did u do anything else to yourself" he asked "want to see my piercings" I asked him he rolled his eyes "seriously one night out and this is what u do" he said and looked at the rest of the girls.

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